…In the modern world we live in, we are bombarded daily with various annoying advertisements, which only add to the stress that we are already overloaded with.

One way we can reduce the level of stress and perhaps extend life expectancy (it is commonly known that stress is the number one killer in the world) is a departure to nature and recreation. But since such a way of relaxation is possible only through a non-working weekends or holidays, and with the fact that it is in most cases necessary to spend some money for it, there must be some other and simpler solution.

This solution can be found in what we all love, or at least almost all, and what connects the whole world; and that’s music. No matter what kind of music you love, and what makes you relax more; long symphonies, operas and operetes of great masters of classical music or heavy metal of the modern age, you have to agree that music has always been the best means of relaxing, imagining, creating new ideas and entertainment.

Therefore, to all those whom music comprehends more than fun and occasional hobbies, I recommend using two interesting programs for creating creative music.

The first of them is called the Muse Score, and serves to create music works with the help of digital technology, to create, play and print notepads. On its author’s website, you can learn much about composing through various lessons and tutorials, and the program itself can be downloaded free of charge.

More of Muse Score:


Another programm, more accurately online application, is used to cut audio tracks, such as when you want to remove some parts of the song, especially those in mp3 format, for example, from a long song you want to create a nice short track suitable for the ringtone of your cell phone. You can use this “Online MP3 Cutter” here:



For the end, enjoy creating and listening to your own work and do not forget to play because without the game there is no creative process!