…Since the early 1990s, when the information technology began to develop, photographic art received its new subjection, a digital photo.

Of course, the development of the first digital cameras that were still in formation, could not predicted that twenty years later the same invention will almost completely overshadow and even knock out its predecessor, a classic camera and its one-off movies.

But although many professional photographers are still using classic cameras (due to some of their strengths that have not yet been surpassed by digital technology), the more and more enthusiasts of this art have gone to its digital side. Although I think both types have their own advantages and disadvantages, the fact is that handling digital cameras (just like smartphones for the same purpose) is much simpler than the classic ones, with the use of many more features. One of these advantages is the ability to view photos before their “development”, as well as the fact that all unwanted photos can be easily deleted to free up more space on a memory card or microchip.

One of the branches of photography, both classic and digital, is art photography, which has always occupied a special place in this domain. Therefore, all of you who are particularly interested in this art form can find out more about the pages of probably the oldest photoclub in Zagreb (founded in 1892), on which websites can often find the latest news on exhibitions, competitions and lectures: