…We all know that hygiene is one of the most important elements of our modern society and one of the main reasons why we no longer live in the Middle Ages, why it extended our lives, and the number of diseases and infections decreased to an optimal level. Today I present to you Ana Karabatić, an artist and craftsman who devoted her life to the making of soap, and not just anything but real little masterpieces whose purpose is not only hygienic but also decorative.


KK: What is your name?

AK: Ana Karabatić.


KK: Where do you live?

AK: Split – Tučepi (south Croatia, Europe)


KK: What do you most like to do, at leisure (as a hobby) or as a job?

AK: I produce soaps and I live from that, I love to paint them; besides that, I like to write short stories and spend my time in nature.


KK: Since when are you engaged with this creative hobby/business?

AK: Since 2011.


KK: What would you tell your fans about your current and future works?

AK: In the visual sense, I’m still thinking of crazier motives, working on a “vortex” swirling (lines on soap), and coming out with new soaps and new additions in Autumn. I try to make the products for cleaning body, hair and clothes be more environmentally friendly and gentler for the users.


KK: Do you have any useful advice for inexperienced beginners in the activities you are dealing with?

AK: The hobby and work about making soaps are two very different things. If you want to make a soap as a “real job”, check out all the laws on the Ministry of Health web site and, above all, put all your finances on the paper.

For hobbyists advice: Purchase all the food in small quantities because it is very easy for expensive ingredients to expire.


KK: Do you have something else to add?

AK: Use domestic soaps for body, for clothes, try to free up your household unnecessary and harmful chemicals. What you do not put into your mouth, do not even on your body. All that we need to clean is actually a common soap, with some additives such as alcohol, soda, vinegar, borax…


KK: If someone wants to contact you about some advice, questions about your work, where can they get your works (if they are on sale) … where can they find you?


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