…Many creative authors presented themselves in this small interview, from photographers, writers and poets, painters and graphic designers, craftsmen, writers and bloggers. Today I introduce you to another artist specializing in one type of tattoo, the so-called body painting, and this by using a cane drawing method.


KK: What is your name?

IĐ: Ilma Đuliman.


KK: Where do you live?

IĐ: In Sarajevo. (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe)


KK: What do you most like to do, at leisure (as a hobby) or as a job?

IĐ: I’m drawing with a cane, known as mehendi, henna tattoo or henna body art. In addition, I enjoy writing poetry and prose.


KK: Since when do you work with this creative hobby / business?

IĐ: Drawing with a cane as my primary hobby has been around for almost three years, and I have discovered love for writing in elementary school.


KK: What would you tell your fans about your current and future works?

IĐ: When it comes to drawing or writing as an expression of your own creativity, each work is unique and carries a special story. In addition to the time spent, each of my work is made up of a large number of emotions.


KK: Do you have any useful advice for inexperienced beginners in the activities you are engaged in?

IĐ: I would give the same advice to everybody – never give up what you really like and what you dream of. Life often brings obstacles and traps, but when you overcome it, figure out how much the effort you make has paid.


KK: Do you have something else to add?

IĐ: Friedrich Nietzsche said – “We have the art that we wouldn´t dying of the truth.” Art is the escape from reality, allows us to express ourselves, our feelings and our thoughts. For me, cane sketching presents a blend of pleasure and usefulness.


KK: If someone wants to contact you about some advice, questions about your work, where can they get your works (if they are on sale) … where can they find you?


For all questions and informations, you can contact me via Facebook:


or my Instagram profiles:

https://www.instagram.com/henna.by.ilma/ (Henna by Ilma Đuliman)