…In the category “Kreativnost na djelu”, I will present the original works of some interesting and creative authors, allow them to present themselves to the public and promote their works, to partner with other authors, and in the plan I have the organization of a small creative competition.

Today, in the first post I introduce you to Ivana Marić, a painter from Zagreb and her works.


KK: What is your name?

IM: Ivana Marić.


KK: Where do you live?

IM: In Zagreb.


KK: What do you most like to do, at leisure (as a hobby) or as a job?

IM: In my spare time I’m painting.


KK: Since when do you work with this creative hobby / business?

IM: Ever since I know for myself, probably since my first steps.


KK: What would you tell your fans about your current and future works?

IM: You never know exactly what can be expected of my works, because I often surprise even myself.


KK: Do you have any useful advice for inexperienced beginners in the business you are dealing with?

IM: The advice would be to never give up art, because I was giving up myself, and you can never turn back that lost time.


KK: If someone wants to contact you about some advice, questions about your work, where can they get your works (if they are available for sale) … where can they find you?

IM: If someone is interested in my work, they can contact me at the following e-mail address: imaricainoa@gmail.com


With the thanks to Ivana on her response to this short online interview, I would like to point out that besides the e-mail address, the artist and her works can be seen on her Facebook web site at Ivana Marić Art.

And for the end of this post, I’ll show you some of her paintings, made by acrylic technic on canvas.


Kristijan Kuš, Libertas Nova

svaki dio 70x50Dvije, 120x100cm

transform, 120x100cm