…It has been a long time since the presentation of the latest authors and their works in the category of “Kreativnost na djelu”. So today we continue with the art section. I’m presenting you Slavenka Đikić from Zagreb, a popular WordPress blogger, illustrator and painter.


KK: What is your name?

SĐ: Slavenka Đikić.


KK: Where do you live?

SĐ: I live in Zagreb.


KK: What do you most like to do, at leisure (as a hobby) or as a job?

SĐ: In leisure time I like to deal with various things, and they are all creative in some way. I devoted myself mostly to writing a blog and designing illustrations that I also publish on my blog. And when it comes to me, I sit for the canvas and the brush, so I paint the picture, so completely amateur, but the feeling is brilliant. Or I paint a tree on the wall in the working room 🙂


KK: Since when do you engage with that creative hobbies / business?

SĐ: I started bloging in 2015. Then I did not even wonder what it would be. I almost never had the idea of what I would write, let alone how to do it, since I never knew how to express it in writing. Now, that two years have elapsed since the launch of the blog, I can say that I have fallen in love with writing and that it is centering, enjoying and helping me. As far as the illustrations are concerned, I have started to work in 2011. as I entered the graphic design course. I started to design the phrases that were inspirational and I used them as wallpapers on the desktop. So my collection of various motivational illustrations grew lightly.


KK: What would you tell your fans about your current and future works?

SĐ: All my works, illustrations and texts, were primarily intended for myself. They helped me get started. I believe that all of my future work will come from that perspective because I can only do so. For some reason, it’s hard for me to work for others, as if I get a creative blockade.


KK: Do you have any useful advice for inexperienced beginners in the activities you are dealing with?

SĐ: I just want to say that creativity is something that is expressed, and that’s all we can. For creativity, we do not have to be talented. And by writing, I try to encourage people to express their creativity, to be more free and bolder in it.


KK: Do you have something else to add?

SĐ: As the slogan says in my blog because I deeply believe in it – believe in your choice, no matter how strange it looked 🙂


KK: If someone wants to contact you about some advice, questions about your work, where can they get your works (if they are on sale) … where can they find you?


My blog website: www.knjigainspiracija.com

My Facebook website: https://www.facebook.com/knjigainspiracija

Link to the illustrations, which everyone can download and freely set up as desktop wallpaper 🙂 : http://www.knjigainspiracija.com/ilustracije-2

If anyone wants, they can contact me by e-mail: slavenka@knjigainspiracija.com

…And these are some of her interesting works:

1think outside the box


3positive. mind. vibe. life-01

4creativity ... art2