…Today I introduce you to another young writer and poet; poetry, prose and essay lover, and his favorite categories are politics and satire.


KK: What is your name?

LK: My name is Luka Kordić.


KK: Where do you live?

LK: I live on the Zagreb-Split relation.


KK: What do you most like to do, at leisure (as a hobby) or as a job?

LK: Well, given that I’m seriously engaged in writing prose, poetry, and essay, I just don´t have too much free time. Politics, I’d say.


KK: Since when do you work with this creative hobby / business?

LK: I´m doing this since my childhood, since the late nineties. In my elementary school I wrote satirical bulletins about my neighborhood, printed them before school, so they would circulate in my class. That was a long time ago, but so I started.


KK: What would you tell your fans about your current and future works?

LK: First I would like to say to them thank you, because they are wonderful and they are active support. On future works I would say that I will try hard to write and publish at least one collection of short stories and a novel, and later a collection of poetry.


KK: Do you have any useful advice for inexperienced beginners in the activities you are engaged in?

LK: Read, read and imitate first, for exercise. Do not be impressed, try to figure out exactly what people that you like do, and do what they do.


KK: Do you have something else to add?

LK: I write a blog at lukakordic.info, which on Facebook has a page called Luka Kordić Blog. Likes make the world go around, so at least visit my Facebook page and hit a like 🙂


KK: If someone wants to contact you about some advice, questions about your work, where can they get your works (if they are available for sale) … where can they find you?

LK: My works can be obtained through me, and those available on the internet through my website.

My official web page

All my contacts are here

Facebook blog website

Description of my book

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