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“The more books you read, the more you realise how stupid you are.” (I.C.)

…It´s been more then two years since I started to write posts on my Facebook page Libertas Nova, two years how I created my new Facebook profile (which I had to do in order to build and run that web page). I had written, edited and published more then 200 posts concerning popular science, art, spirituality, learning process, tourism and adventurism, promoting creative ideas and authors, encouraging positive and constructive critical thinking and much more.

I wrote that posts and shared them to many other websites, others´and my own, on social networks like Twitter and Google Plus, on local forums and blogs, on Facebook groups. The more I wrote and publish, the more fans I had on my Facebook page, the more I realised how little information comes to the members of all those sites, especially on the Facebook. I figured out that from all of my fans (people who pressed Like button on my web page) maybe only 5% of those really see my posts, that comes on their newsfeed screen.

Only 5%?

That is ridiculous.

Later I found out that Facebook program has an algorithm that calculates how much of favourite web pages will it post to a newsfeed page of every member. So, the more fans you have, the more posts you publish, and the more likes, comments and shares you get on your posts, the more new posts will your fans see.

At first, Facebook didn’t use that, so you, as a new website publisher with a small fan base, could have a good chance that your posts will be regularly shown to all or most of your fans. But then, they (the Facebook) figured out that they could earn more money on selling ads, due to the fact that more and more people created their business web pages on Facebook for free, and promote their products and services to their big fan bases. I never tried this ads program on Facebook (maybe one day I will, I don´t know), and I don´t know if it´s good and profitable for businesses (I mean, no ads project can guarantee any businessman or company that it will improve or increase sales of their products or services).

Then, thinking about it all, I asked myself a few questions:

How good and valuable are informations today, especially those provided on the mighty Internet?

If all companies want to sell their products/services, no matter how good or bad they are, and they all use many ads programs and projects, what is the chance that their ads will be visible to the old and new customers that they seek for?

I mean, we live in the world where information is alpha and omega of everything, our lives, our jobs, our education, our free time depends on it. Millions and millions of people use Internet (along with other local medias like newspapers, magazines and books, radio and TV stations, etc.), they use it every day, for business, education or fun. They seek out for information on millions of websites, blogs, forums and groups, social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn…), web services and providers (like YouTube, Netflix, eBay, Amazon, MySpace, Instagram, Pinterest…), search engines (like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing,…) and much more.

There are millions and millions of new posts and informations out there, in this gigantic web space, every day. So, at first, how will a simple user find good and valuable information out of millions of rubbish and stupid posts; and how will those companies find their customers if their ads are just like of millions of others?

I mean, if you think about it, let´s examine Facebook and informations that are provided out there. Let´s take only posts on private profiles for our example. First of all, many people don´t even use Facebook (yes, that is true). Many others that use it, use it rarely (maybe once in a month or less). For those that come often, let´s say, at least a couple of times in a month, they use their profiles mostly for fun (playing games, endless and useless chat through Inbox etc.), they post photos of their children, pets, or share useless and boring posts from the other profiles or web pages.

So, when you look at it all, how much of those users really use Facebook, or similar social network websites for something useful, to find or share some good and valuable information, to write some original and useful comment on post of someone else´s profile or web page, to really find people that like similar things (that was the main purpose of the first Facebook and any other social network), to connect with them and share valuable informations, to create something good…

One of the biggest problem today is that we have just too much informations out there, especially on the Internet, and most of those informations are useless, false, made only for fun purpose.

So, it´s not so strange that our children, and youth in general are becoming more and more stupid, even do they use Internet and digital medias every day, through every possible device, smartphones, tablets, computers, TV´s …

When I had instructions in my profession chemistry for all those students (from elementary school to college) in which I helped them to learn better, to make a better grades in exams etc., I found out how little valuable informations they know, from general culture to special categories in science and art.

When I asked them to find some information using Internet on their own laptops, and concerning the scope or curriculum of what they studied, they were totally lost “in time and space”. They didn’t know where to start, what and where to look for. Many of them didn’t knew how to properly and professionally use search engines and databases, even for the simpler informations, like looking for simple answers on the questions in their exams, or exp. to search for the right chemical formula etc.

So, I ask myself, why do we have Internet today, and all of those informations, if we don´t use them properly?

Ok, I can understand, we all want to spend one part of our free time in fun and games, but life is not based only on fun and games. Life is much more. At least that is what I think.

And what do you think?

Am I right or not?