…Blood, the essence of life, circulating the veins of eternity. Red and dense, symbolizes the power of creation. And the power of destruction. Throughout the centuries it was shed in the glory of one Master, one God, the God of Destruction, the Master of all that is evil. The evil of shedding blood, the most precious liquid of them all. A single drop can save a life of the mortal soul, but in violent use, it can take millions into death with agonies you could never imagine.

Thousands and thousands of years have passed, and nothing has changed. Like the prehistoric man that made a step from his cold cave in a hope to find a better place for his hungry tribe, our minds still try to create that archaic image that we must always fight to gain the basic ingredients to sustain our miserable lives: food, water, a place to stay.

So we fight, we kill, we destroy. Blood is shed, over and over again, in red streams of pleasure spiked with agony. And it don´t stops there. Destruction, slaughter, rape, sodomy, crucifixion, burning on stakes, hanging on ropes; all the agonies and tortures of human body and soul we could possibly invent in our distorted minds. All made for the human satisfaction, as the game for the mentally sick individuals.

Isn´t it fun to watch someone dying in the agony, to be a part of someone else´s last moments on this evil and Godforsaken land?

Maybe not. Maybe we have not seen the worse yet, and this will surely come. Maybe not today, maybe not even tomorrow, but I believe we will not have to wait for it for to long. ´Cause we are the creators of our own destinies, at least this is what we think so, and our modern lives are full of hatred and sin. But that is nothing new. Thousands of years and new technologies have brought people closer to each other, only to find out that that is good for only one thing, creating new agonies for our enemies. The closer we are to each other, the easier is to harm other people, to make them suffer, to make them spill their blood, the sacred liquid ever created.

(Image Source: A Guide to Spiritual Living)