(Cover Image & Source: World Of The Senses by Maria Datzreiter)

…Have you ever thought about it what defines our material world?

Is it everything that you hear, see…, in general, everything what you can feel through your five senses, a true reality?

You probably heard about stories that our material world is just an illusion, pretty realistic representation of the world in three dimensions. You may wonder, is it all true?

The thing that nobody disputes is the fact that we feel this world through our five senses. All that is going on through our senses is transferred physically into electrical impulses to our brain, a mastermind of our physical world, which then like a 24-hour working time supercomputer decodes all this impulses into images, sounds, etc.

But, if the whole experience of our world is based on these senses, can we really trust them?

Like any other part of our mortal body, it can be easily damaged. A human being can lose its sight, hearing, scent, etc., in general, you can become totally senseless.

Lets imagine this situation.

You can´t see anything because you´re blind, you can´t hear anything because your deaf. In the same way you have no smell, taste or sense of touch.

In this total darkness and silence, could you be aware of yourselves, your life, your physical existence?

These are one of the reasons why I´m convinced that the world based on senses is imaginary and fake. It´s like observing this world through 3-D glasses. Observing the world with glasses does not give the same effect like watching it without them.