…The room without the view. Darkness and coldness. Coldness that freezes and passes through the bones like a cold mountain wind through the deserted land. Not a single beam of light can penetrate this walls of solitude and despair. You could never imagine this because it can never happen. Not to you. To nobody. Not a single living soul can withstand this despair, coldness and darkness that looks like it was always here, present in the air that suffocates, makes every humble servant of the mighty God just a toy in the endless game of Destiny, the same one that makes our lives miserable or joyful, depending on the pleasures or pain that we suffer through our short and meaningless human lives. Is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

In the corner of this room of darkness and solitude, you can see a path of light. It´s not a strong illumination, just the thin beam of light that slowly and barely penetrates through this everlasting darkness that surrounds it, playing a game of survival in a hope that one day, maybe just for a moment, it will conquer its enemy, this monster of eternal evil.

The beam of light suddenly shakes. What is going on? Is there something or someone that disturbs this eternal resting place in the kingdom where life is just a misty idea in the mind of our glorious and almighty Maker?

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(Image source: wisgoon.com)