…Violence rules the world.

Wherever you look around, it´s always there. You can´t escape it, you can´t change it. Slowly it awaits for every wrong step we make, and then, when it gets the right chance, it “jumps” on us and overcomes our poor bodies and our poor primitive minds.

If we can not win in this everlasting battle against our violent nature, what can we do?

You can´t eliminate violence, because it´s a part of all of us, but what you can do is to reduce the level of your intentional form of violence.

Somebody would probably ask me, what is the difference between the intentional and unintentional form of violence?

Is there really a difference at all, is not every form of violence the same?

Even do every form of violence in its nature is the same and with the negative character (there is no positive violence), there is a big difference.

I will give you two basic examples:

  • If you ever walked through the forest and across some forest meadow (and you probably had), you had without any intention stumbled across many plants, mostly grasses (and in that way you destroyed them). Basically, there is no way you can avoid that, because the only way to do this in a positive manner is to fly through the air, i.e. to cross the meadow without touching the ground
  • As an another example, every time when you breed air, and inhale it in your lungs, with it you also inhale many microorganisms that are present in the air, in live or dormant phases, and in that case, you kill them all

These were the examples of the unintentional violence. What ever you do, you can´t affect the final outcome of your every  action.

On the other side, if you make some violence with a strong intention, then the whole guilt is on you (if you kill or destroy someone or something; or in basic, intentionally make any physical or mental injury on any living being or an object (exp. when you build a quarry in a protected area of the national park, contaminate a natural water well and etc.)

Even do the violence will continue to rule this mentally disordered world, it is on us and our abilities to reduce its intentional part. If we can achieve this goal in the near future, we could prove to ourselves that we are really a reasonable human beings, and not the beasts guided solely by our instincts.

(Image Source: 2001 Space Odyssey @ sarastuslehti.com)