…Once upon a time I used to walk the streets of Zagreb, when I was unemployed and restless, seeking for the answers of the meaning of my life, my existence, from philosophical and spiritual point of view.

One day, when I was strolling through the centre of the old town, I thought about the concept of good and evil, a concept very well known in the area of religion, especially in Christianity.

I thought how can it be possible that there is an absolute good and absolute evil, I mean, can there be a human being, as an example, who can be good in everything, truthful, hones, benevolent, or evil like vicious, who wants to harm everybody and everything, that is full of bad emotions.

I never liked that idea, because I always thought that we are all born with mostly positive attitudes, while the negative part of our lives become when living in a negative environment, mostly influenced by a modern society.

Talking about these concepts, we could also ask ourselves is there an absolute good or evil in the creatures of spirit that the religion is talking about.

Are God and angels really that good, or are Satan and demons really that bad?

If these creatures have really participated in the creation of the Man, like religions teach us everyday,  can they also be like us, their creations, having both positive and negative manners, both good and evil attitudes?

If the Holy Bible says that “God has created Man on His own image and likeness”, than should not that mean that these holly creatures of divine energy, both positive and negative, could be also imperfect like us, because we know that we humans are not perfect.

If the God is not absolute good, then the Satan or Lucifer can not be absolute evil as well. Whether the word Lucifer does not mean a creature or bearer of light, and we all know that the term light in everyday use refers mostly on something that is good in general.

All in all, I have a feeling that God as the symbol of good and Satan as the symbol of evil are representing only entities that are trying to guide us on our journey through life, through all of its ups and downs. Since the day we were born, we knew what is our mission on this planet, our paths that lead us to the final enlightenment. To reach this enlightenment, we must go through all the obstacles in our harsh lives, only to evaluate the lives of other living beings as well as the whole universe in general. We all have our tasks that we must fulfill in order to advance in this spiritual world.

Some people like to ask why we have to suffer so much, won´t it be easier if we could live without all this agonies? And if our true home is somewhere else, in the “higher” grounds, why we have to be born and come to this physical world of misery and pain?

Don´t you think that we humans, imperfect and curious as we are, always seeking for the new life adventures, would be really happy to live all of our lives in that spiritual world in some higher dimension, doing nothing?

One of the main reasons why we come here, on this “lower” level of existence is to learn and test all of our capabilities, to progress in spirit, to achieve this final enlightenment that I talked about in the previous sections of this text. Learning on this hard way we grow in spirit, we go on the higher levels of the existence. Once, when we do reach the highest level, we have to “climb down” once again and share these experiences with the ones that are still on the lower levels, thus helping them to achieve the same level of self-recognition and enlightenment.

In my opinion, there are few levels of spiritual enlightenment among us, the mortals:

First level: 

All the people that are still on the beginning of their way of spiritual enlightenment, who are burdened with negative emotions, with evil deeds, and can not help themselves without the help of others (majority of the modern humanity).

Second level:               

People that are burdened with negative emotions and evil deeds, but are able to help themselves, mostly through seeking forgiveness for their sins against all living beings and the universe in general (those that are prone to forgiveness).

Third level:

People who got out pretty fast from most of their spiritual crisis, and are now serving as helpers to other people (most volunteers that are helping to other people in their needs).

Fourth level:

People who are beginners on the path of true spiritual enlightenment (initiates, true students of spiritual development).

Fifth level:

Big and true spiritual teachers and leaders, those who passed all the levels of human spiritual enlightenment (true yogis, lamas, gurus, etc.).

My final conclusion to this concept is that our mission in this physical world is to reach the spiritual enlightenment and to overcome all the obstacles which are placed before us by the spiritual entities, angels, demons, gods and devils. The mission of these entities is to guide us through our lives, that we could learn what life really is. To help us solve all the tests on our paths to the final spiritual enlightenment.

(Image & Source: God vs. Satan @ Life, Hope and Truth)