…From all the emotions I have experienced, the most powerful and sometimes even dangerous is the emotion of fear. It is so unbelievable how much people are scared of the things that surrounds them, of other people, other living beings or the fear of nonliving things and processes, like fear of natural disasters, storms, thunder, rain.

But the thing that people are most afraid of is of themselves and their imperfections. We all fall for our physical looks, vanity, always seeking for a praise, while negative comments always make us angry and depressed. Also, there are many phobias that we have in our fearful lives, like fear of heights, all sorts of animals (spiders, rodents, chickens and birds in general, reptiles like snakes, etc.), fear of diseases, death, financial breakdown, losing job etc. This list is long and diverse.

When we are afraid of something, we don’t like to show it to others, and especially not to talk about it. We consider that to be our flaws, and we humans want to be flawless.

So many times I had looked a person in the eyes and found out that that person is trying to hide something, and he or she is trying to hide that emotion from others. They don’t want to be exposed. In basics, many emotions that we show every day, in public or when we are all alone, are just manifestations of the fear itself.

In my opinion, all human emotions can be divided in three crude categories: joy (thrill, rapture, anticipation, excitement, love,…), anger (hatred, envy, rage, sorrow, misery…) and fear (as the special type of human emotion).

One day, when we learn how to get rid of these fears, evaluate them and resist their unwanted consequences, I think only then we will be really happy and satisfied. After all, many superstitions, prejudices, stereotypes and taboos are the results of our fears and total ignorance of the subject that we are dealing with. It’s like the emotion that we are all aware of, like when you come in the new environment (new job, new place to live, new school, etc.) and everybody else are looking you with fear and contempt, more because they don’t know you in person, then because they want to harm you. Nobody likes newcomers and strangers. Unfortunately, that unreasonable fear cost us our human reason and understanding, against ourselves, as well as against other living beings and nature in general. How many wars we could avoid if there were no that unjustified fear of the unknown, that leads people in hatred and killing of all that they are not really aware of. I could write a lot about this theme, but there is not enough paper that I could write it all down (or megabytes of blogsphere space).

(Image & Source: The Scream by Edvard Munch @ overstock Art)