…Sun shines over the burned horizon, over the land that carries no life. Only death. A quick and painless death. No torture, no agony. Sweet and fragrant like a drop of fresh water on the petals of blossom desert rose.

This burned yellow land of everlasting sand covers miles of nothingness. Not a living soul can enter its kingdom of fire and wind and get out alive. Only the Bedouins, small groups of these desert rats that transport their caravans on the backs of the mighty desert beasts, the camels.

Thousands of years they live a life of constant struggle against the burning sand and the unpredictable desert storms that can destroy everything, in a blink of an eye they lose their camels, their precious goods that they carry for hundreds of miles, and the most precious treasure of them all, their own lives.

One of those caravans slowly crosses the mighty dunes, carrying precious gold, salt and dyes from the west lands on the shores of the Atlantis, the mighty kingdom of blue infinity. Over the mighty Sahara desert, where no one walks without fear, hungry and tired, desperately awaiting the end of one of many long and hard journeys. Another day has passed, and a new dawn arose when our desert travellers saw a bright shining light in the distance, a second sun, the mighty city of Hut-Ka-Ptah, mansion of the soul of Ptah, the lord of the truth and the creator of the world.

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(Image & Source: Oferte de Revelion in Maroc @ interra)