…We humans are like the pieces of one great space puzzle. And no matter how small and irrelevant we may look, without that piece, the whole universe that we admire each and every day, would be a very lonely place. We, the humans, are one of its most important parts. Our consciousness and reason are what separates us from other God´s creatures and the physical manifestation of the nature itself. We are those that make a difference. But imperfect as we are, we can not reconcile with our primitive understanding that we are just little and non important piece of that big wheel that turns through eternity.

Many people ask, is the universe endless. I say yes. How it can not be endless, when we ourselves are its most important part. And our souls have no end. Forget you physical body, it´s like a piece of cloth that you dress and change every time when it gets dirty. That that lasts forever is our soul. Everything that exists, that existed before and that will exist in the future, will always turn the machine of that big space wheel. Universe is not something there, something far away and unreachable. Universe are all of us, universe is in all of us. Universe is the God and the God is universe. Everything is in one and one is everything. How can there be a difference among each of its piece, when we are all its components, and as that, we make an unity. A very important unity. Without us, there is no universe. Without us, there is no God, because God is in each of us. In every human, animal or plant. In every piece of rock that you lift, every river and sea in which you swim, every wind breeze, stars and planets that you admire. And because of that, there is no need for you to search for the God, because He is in all of us, always and forever, on this and “other” world. People are afraid and they say that life is to short to meet all of its virtues. I say, there is no space or time, they are all our wrong notions, lack of understanding and broader approach to the real world that we humans are its important part.

To understand how important is every piece of that puzzle that we call universe, you can take any puzzle game, and play it to the end. And then, we you´re finished with its composing, remove one of its part, one piece of that big puzzle. Then you shall see how important is that little piece, because without it, the whole image looks very ugly and incomplete. The impression is more expressed if the image of that puzzle is very bright coloured, and the base on which the puzzle stands on is very dark. That hole that remains after you remove that one piece of puzzle will look like an ugly stain on the pretty picture.

So remember it well, whenever you feel sad and depressed:

You are the most important piece of this puzzle that we call universe.

Without you there is no us.    


(Image & Source: Missing piece of the puzzle @ Ice Maiden Diaries)