…We humans have build our modern society on the basis of only one and the most important thing, our mutual trust. Without the trust there is no cooperation, no communication, nothing that we have created in the last couple of centuries, and even in the last millennia.

But today, that trust is very shaky, we no longer trust other people and sometimes not even ourselves. One of the reasons for that modern behaviour, is the thing that there is just to much corruption in this world of big global village. Information is easily accessible to any one via Internet, mostly through social network systems like the all mighty Facebook, which is in spite of everything, in a big decline. The lack of trust among the people comes mostly from Internet websites that offer everything, but without the real and 100% guarantee that everything they do is fair and safe, especially in the world of trade, in the world where we buy or sell something, hoping that everything will go well.

Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Despite the facts that we are progressing as a civilisation, especially in technology, we are losing a fight in humanity. Many criminal activities over the Internet in last couple of years, mostly frauds (which I was a main witness and the one who was deceived), are making people more isolated. And with the invention of the new tech gadgets like modern computers, smartphones, tablets, HD TVs and other digital machines, we no longer need other people in our lives, at least not in the real, physical world, only in the world of imagination that is offered to us through that same digital media that we call Internet. We are more and more becoming a world of Big Brother, like it was written in a George Orwell´s 1984., a book that was published 70 years ago.

If we lose our mutual trust, and we will, we will lose everything. There will be no more cooperation on our jobs like today (there will be no more collective work, only a big group of individuals that are working alone, like robots or Borg from the Star Trek SF series), no more communication (if we all live individually, there will be no more need for talking or even writing, so the only way to “communicate” will be mentally, like in some form of telepathy or telekinesis), no more need for education like it is today (no more schools or universities; everything that we shall learn will be through machines, like today when we learn something through online courses like on Coursera.com learning platform or through web pages like Wikipedia, Wikimedia or Encyclopedia Britannica), no more need for going out anywhere, even not when we will be sick (we could heal ourselves using online doctors and surgeries, with modern do-it-yourself surgery and similar medical machines).

We will be a modern humanity, but no longer a society, just a big group of individuals living in a total isolation from others, living alone (no more families, no more need for getting married; children will born artificially, in special medical institutions, using our sperm and female egg cells for insemination, no more dads and moms, no more children in a traditional way), eating and drinking alone, doing everything alone. Just like bees in an apiary or ants in an anthill, working together, but not like a team, just a group of individuals where every and each of them has its special task that it has to perform.

That will be our future, a reality full of isolated humans and artificially made androids and robots, which will replace our traditional society more and more with each new period, till they destroy our civilisation and the humanity at the end.

And as an end to this short text, I will put a video link to one of my favourite song “Trust”, performed by american heavy metal band Megadeth:

Megadeth – Trust

 (Image & Source: Lack of Trust @ Monster Connect)