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…As the tired desert caravan slowly approaches a mighty city of the great kingdom of the East, our travellers could see the endless fields of wheat that feeds this big human beehive, along with many palm trees, citrus fruits and the fruit of the desert gods, everlasting dates, that can keep up Bedouins for days in life.

As they approached its mighty white walls, they could see the entrance to this big desert oasis, where millions of people, strangers, and especially traders come to sell their precious goods, hoping to earn something for their miserable efforts. On the backs of their camels they carry precious goods from the west lands, slowly passing by through the dusty and narrow streets of the city of the mighty Ptah, observing other travellers, mostly traders, along with all those beggars, queens of the night, small thieves and slaves. All of them live here, at least for the moment, in the constant struggle with the hot climate, lack of food, dirt and diseases that they carry among each other and the animals with which they live together.

But this is no ordinary city, but a center of the mighty kingdom of the North, city whose powerful and rich kings have built one of the most magnificent marvels of the modern architecture, houses for the rich and the high temples made from the best dried bricks, covered with luxurious dyes that they acquired from all over the world. Small oasis in the city´s squares with high palm trees and ponds, botanical gardens, parks with wild beasts, monuments built in the glory of the almighty gods.

But one monument, one masterpiece of them all overshadows everything else, the White Walls and the gigantic Palace of the king, built high above the greatest, most frightening and everlasting ruler, the waters of mighty Nile.

Before they could rest in some of the many taverns in this desert metropolis, our travellers had to arrive to the big market where they could meet traders from all the corners of the world, traders that sell their precious goods; gold, ivory and jewels from the west lands of Atlantis and the south lands of the savages of the rainforest; copper, silver and salt from the north lands, over the big and dangerous water; dyes, spices, silk and other expensive marvels from the lands of the Far East. Many of those traders are here, creating so much noise while they compete for the best prices, so much everyday stress when they try to survive in their ungrateful and sometimes even dangerous business.

On one of those many trading tables you could see a young woman, pale in her face, a slave girl, selling goods for her master, a girl from the countries from the north, behind the mighty mountain of Sinai, spending her days in misery and pain. She looks very calm, even do the fire of rebellion burn in her young body and soul, desperately trying to find a way to get out from this nightmare, this life in chains which is not worthy of the man.

Our desert caravan had found the best place on this market to build their trading post. For one of them, the youngest of them all, this journey is not about trading, selling and earning money to sustain his miserable life, it´s all about travel, meeting new people, exploring new lands. Our young man, black in skin and wild in his heart, naive in his unexperienced mind, is observing something in distance, something that attracted his attention, a young and beautiful white slave girl.

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(Image & Source: Legendary White Walls of Memphis @ Ancient Origins)