…Will the future bring the chaos and destruction of the world as we know it?

Will it be the end of our so beloved human civilisation, our technology, our dreams of better tomorrow?

When I was still living in my homeland Croatia, struggling to survive in the harsh environment, fighting for everything that I wanted, a new and a better paid job, better people to be with, better life in general, I never thought that living outside this country would be even harder, especially in the so called world of modern civilisation, where you get the chance to get a better job, with good salary that you can live with, better and intelligent people to work with and hang out, society built on organisation, order and discipline.

Unfortunately, that proved to be a big lie.

Modern countries of the developed world like USA, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UK, Austria, Switzerland, etc., in general all those that provide a “good life” for all of its citizens, locals and foreigners, proved to be places for humanity that has turned into robots and slaves of the new millennium.

In those countries, including Germany where I currently live, are places where people no longer live like living beings with emotions,  making normal friends, going out, falling in love, making fun. Today, everything is false, artificial, without emotions, humans behave like robots and slaves, on their jobs as well as in their free time. Our new technologies have separated us from ourselves, turning us into emotionless machines.

More and more real robots and machines, especially in industrial facilities are working instead of humans, changing them on jobs that no longer need human work.

At first that seems alright, but if you look at nowadays companies, not only in the poor countries of the Third World, but in the aforementioned developed countries, you can notice a slight change in behaviour of the bosses of those companies. They no more need a lot of people to work in their companies, they specialize in little areas, niches where people are becoming more and more an obsolete. Robots and other machines can do their work, if not better, then cheaper and faster. More and more companies are shutting down their small facilities that they think they no more need (they cost them to much money, time and bureaucracy), and more and more people are losing their jobs where they worked for decades.

So, if this trend continues, more and more jobs will be done by machines, and people will be left to live on the streets, poor and hungry, with nothing to do except to beg for money, food, clothes, place to live.

Or make a revolution and try to change things for better, at least for themselves.

Will this be our better tomorrow, the future that we seek; future were our descendants will be beggars, thieves and dead revolutionaries?

(Image & Source: Terminator @ The Verge)