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…Her name is Moshea, a white slave girl from the north, from the land far beyond the mighty mountains that separate this great desert kingdom from the land of the savages, the scattered small kingdoms of the tribes of Semites, Hittites, Assyrians, Sumerians and other smaller groups of mostly farmers and warriors poorly equipped with leather armor and old and used copper knives and swords, that are mostly stolen from their enemies in frequent tribal conflicts. None of those tribal kingdoms are as half as strong as the mighty kingdom of the black people of the Nile.

None except of Hittites, war kingdom of the mighty Levant. Kingdom that slowly destroys and swallows all the other tribal kingdoms, coming from their capital of the blood, mighty city of Hattusa, the city of the Lion king. They have destroyed all that got on their way, killing women, children, old and crippled people, burning the whole towns, villages, and hectares of cultivated land. Their only motto is to conquer, kill and destroy, and leave nothing behind. Not a living soul will survive their blood fest.

Our young slave girl was living in one of those small and peaceful villages on the shores of the great water, and she was just 12 when a small group of Hittites attacked her village. She managed to escape to the nearby caves by the sea coast, hiding for days without food and fresh water, leaving everything behind, including her family, her father and mother, brothers and sisters, who were slaughtered or turned into slaves.

After a few days of destruction, torture and sodomy, Hittites left, leaving chaos behind. Moshea, young, alone and inexperienced, wandered for days, trying to find something to eat, stealing all that she could find, chickens and their eggs from the nearby farms, fruits and vegetables from the vast fields of the villages not yet savaged by these wild hordes from the north.

Walking during the night, sleeping in a day light at abandoned fields and scattered woods, she knew she will never see her family again. After a while, she didn’t care what will happen to her, will she live or die. Her life ended on that bloody day. So she became restless and rebellious, not only stealing food, but killing to get what she wants. First she killed old men and young girls who tried to attack her, then she moved on the bigger prey, a young and lustful men who tried to rape her. They all finished with knifes in their throats and bellies.

Until one day, when she became to careless, allowing herself to be caught by the village men. They wanted to hang her on the first tree for all the bad deeds that she had done, but instead they sold her to the caravan of slave merchants, to take her as far away from this land.

Beaten, bloody and raped, after months of travel with these lustful and corrupted slave merchants, she came into the city of the mighty god of the desert, Hut-Ka-Ptah.

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(Image & Source:  White Slaves @ The General Report)