…Have you ever thought about it what makes this life living for?

Having a lots of money?

To own the big assets, houses, cars, yachts, …?

Maybe a steady and good paid job?

A family and friends that you care for?


Maybe something else?


For most people, the aforementioned stuff is all that they care about, and all that make them really happy.

But are they really happy?

Of course not.

That is just a big lie, just an illusion of a life that they think is worth living for.

So, what life is real?

How can we really be happy and satisfied?

Back in the old days, when I was just a kid, I liked to play the games, like any other kid, my friends.

But then I grew up, like many of us do.

At least that was what I thought.

But in reality, I never stopped playing, even now when I’m a grown up man, with 37 years on my back.

I was always a type of man never satisfied with the things that I made, from the school days when I was learning to be a good chemist, when I was getting acknowledgement for all that I have done during my chemistry competitions, my regular school homework, even for the crazy experiments that I conducted in my mother’s apartment.

Then came the student period, and after that my first job. Then I got a little bit lazy, thinking only about my job, my gambling problems and other stupid and boring things.

Then I got into trouble, my gambling became serious, I lost a lot of money, my job, the place to live. I became homeless and a bum. Three years of solitude and despair with the life on the streets of my home town really made me angry and desperate.

Then something changed.

I started to write a blog, my first attempts to change the world in which I was living, to change myself and the way I was living.

And that change was big.

I started to write philosophical essays, spiritual thoughts and sayings, and then I made my first and brave step into the unknown.

I went to my first big adventure, to walk all across Croatia, by myself, without any food or money, without a shelter, without a friend. Three months of suffering, three months of getting to know myself, my real self. A combination of sport adventure, a tourism and a spiritual enlightenment, the most precious thing of them all.

In the next few years I was a new man, a brave young man with many talents which still had to be shown.

Writing texts, making e-books and magazines, adventures, making photographs, to organize excursions, create quizzes, online competitions for local artists and other creative people, etc.

All in all, to understand that life is nothing but a big game that we have to play till its end, to play by the rules, and to die one day knowing that we really did everything in that life of ours that we really wanted.

Many people don’t really live, they just breathe air.

They are already dead, but they don´t know it yet.

So, we came to this world to play the crazy game of life, to enjoy it till the end, to make the best of it, because tomorrow maybe never come.

To be a grown up man means to be a dead man. To stay a kid, that means to live a fulfilled and meaningful life, to experience all that this life has to offer.

So, are you the children of the revolution, or a grown up men?

(Image & Source: Girl Playing With Lego Blocks @ Nocamels.com)