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…At first, she was overwhelmed with the beauty of the mighty city, big white walls, temples and palaces at the shore of the mighty river which gives but also takes life, flooding these fertile lands year after year.

As a girl who lost her freedom, she was sold on the slave market on the far east side of the city, by the big walls, in the area of the queens of the night, far away from the eyes of the noble citizens. Even do slavery is a important link of the city’s economy, people that live here look at it with a disapproval. They still need slaves for the hard work, but as a modern city they disapprove any form of human humiliation. The city has opened the special houses for all those slaves that are to old to work, that experienced sodomy, rape and other forms of abuse from their slave masters. But that is something new, a weak attempt of the daughter of the king to improve the living conditions of all the residents of Hut-Ka-Ptah.

Moshea didn’t had that luck. As a young, inexperienced and white slave girl from the north, she was sold cheaply to the first slave master, the old merchant, which traded in imported and expensive fabrics bought on the black market, mostly from foreign merchants that come into this town, and sell them mostly to the rich priests and members of the palaces.

The old merchant has never married, even do he was known, especially in his youth, as a lustful beast who took every opportunity to come closer to women, to seduce them, mostly with his stories of his wealth, because he was ugly in face and disgusting in behaviour, and if it was necessary, to rape them.

This old corrupt pedophile bought Moshea, and hired her on the market to sell his fabrics, due to the fact that she was intelligent and she was a girl, so he thought she could attract more customers to his small shop.

He even tried to ravish her, one day late in the afternoon, when she was coming back from the market, when he was drunk, but she was just to strong for him, and pulled him back. She struggled wildly to get rid of his arm, and banged him for the elbow. He was so furious, that he ordered his guardians to put her away in a solitude, before deciding what will he do with her. So, she spend a few days in a big wooden box, in complete darkness, mostly hungry and thirsty.

After a while, his mood improved when he realized that his business is slowing down, and that she is the only one who can make his business start again, in the positive direction.

So, he sent her back to the marketplace to do this important job. When the evening came, even do she was tired, she had to serve him and other members of his household, preparing dinner, washing dishes, and making all the other housework along with other house slaves, mostly other women.

He thought he could tame her by making her do all that work, but she was smart and cunning. After she finished with all the house work, and all the members of the house were sleeping, she came to her masters chamber and pretended she wants to be with him. But instead of that, she slowly made him drunk, and put opiates in his wine, just a small dose every night, which made him quickly fall asleep.

Then the whole house was her. She dressed the best dresses, that he used to give to his concubines, slowly closed the main doors, sneaked out across the big backyard, so nobody could see her, especially not the guardians, and went to the city that was already sleeping.

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(Image & Source: The Women That Changed the History of Ancient Egypt @ Osiris Tours)