…In a vast and dense forest, long before this time, lived an old teacher and his three apprentices. They lived in a small monastery, modestly and aloof. All they had, they built with their own hands, sweat and blood. There were three small houses in this monastery complex, one made to rest and eat, where they spent most part of the day. The second one was the smallest, just a little awning that they used for everyday prey, meditation, learning and other spiritual activities. The third one was a warehouse where they stored firewood and tools that they used every day.

The noon came and the sun was shining in all of its glory. It was very hot and all the monks hide themselves from the swelter in the shadow of the old oak tree. They rest after the whole day working on cultivating vegetables on their small farm field. It had to be planted all the seeds, now when the field is freshly plowed, and the summer is already knocking at the doors. Soon the first rain will come, and everything has to be prepared for the crops that these monks were cultivating; all the cereals, fruits and vegetables. They didn’t breed livestock, because they swore to be vegetarians, and they fasted from all meat or any kind of animal products.

As the sun was slowly reaching its horizon and the evening was coming, the monks were finishing with their daily jobs and were preparing for the evening meditation and supper. The weather was getting very cloudy and it was very likely that the first summer rain will fall, rain that they expected so eagerly, the monks as well as all the inhabitants in the nearby village, people that occasionally came into this monastery, bringing with themselves some clothes, footwear, tools and other supplies that monks needed, in the form of the presents. In return, monks taught them all the beauties of meditation and spiritual life.

The evening was coming to its end, and the rain was falling stronger and stronger by every hour. While the nearby hills resounded with persistent thunder, the apprentices and their teacher were slowly eating their food and talking about everyday topics.

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(Image & Source: Ancient Monastery in Armenia @ Reddit)