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…The night has long since fallen on the city of Ptah, the god of the mighty Nile river, when Moshea was slowly sneaking through its dark and cold streets, like the shadow of the upcoming death. Nobody could see her, because nobody was there. The noble citizens and their slaves have already slept with a firm dreams, like the newborn babies in their warm and safe cradles. Nobody except lustful and rebellious slaves and foreigners that made their own parties, hidden in the darkest corners of the town, in taverns known for lustful entertainment and heavy drinking, mostly beer and wine that they stole from their owners, slave masters, merchants and nobles.

Moshea was one of those girls well known for its lust, drinking and seducing young men, making them do nasty things, causing them to be ashamed in front of the others, making them to fall in love in her lustful eyes and young beautiful pale body. She was a stranger, a girl from outside. Other girls didn’t liked her, her style in seducing men, her drinking and swearing, and the thing that she always had to be right in everything, to always be in the centre of the attention. But the boys really liked her, especially foreign merchants who paid her drinks, who loved watching her dance, who loved when she flirted with them.

But she knew what she was doing. She didn’t like them, girls or boys. They were all just toys in her dirty game of seduction, jealousy and lust. She never gone with that till the end. Nobody could have her, at least not for to long. And nobody could touch her, she was protected by the sons of the owner of that tavern in the far west side of this modern and mighty ancient city, where she regularly came in the middle of the night, when her master was firmly sleeping.

At that night, Moshea was looking especially beautiful, covered in long red dress that her master bought before for his concubine, from some merchant that came from the east. She had pearl earrings, silver necklace on her pale young neck, and a bracelet made from amber. So, when she stepped in this dark tavern, everybody was looking at her, especially other girls which felt jealousy once again.

The night was passing slowly, and the tavern was becoming more dense, when more and more slaves and foreigners were coming inside, many of them just to see her, the real queen of the night.

She amused herself in drinking, seducing, singing, swearing and never cared what others think of her, especially not the men. She changed them so fast that they didn’t had the chance to respond to her quick mood swings. She didn’t care at all.

But one man, one young boy, a foreigner that came a few days ago with his caravan from the west lands thought he will seduce her and gain his trust. He was intelligent, just like her, liked adventures, so she felt for him a while, thinking he would eventually get tired and go to some other women.

But he didn’t.

At first, she liked that, it was good for her huge ego, but when the party was over, he wanted more. She refused to surrender to him, and when he was nasty, she fluttered over his face, cold-blooded, and left the tavern.

Most of the men felt embarrassed in those situations, and just left the spot looking for some other and easier girl that they could win.

But not him. He wouldn’t give up. Not just yet.

So, when Moshea left the tavern in a hurry to come home as quick as possible, before the dawn, he followed her, trying to get the revenge for the insult he suffered.

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(Image & Source: Adult Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costume @ Party City)