(continued from The Fear of the Nature…)

Geran: Dear Master, I am very worried about our crops. There’s a real storm outside. If it goes on like this all night, all the crops will be destroyed. And we put so much effort in them.

Teacher: Dear Geran, my oldest apprentice, why are you so afraid for our crops? The rain has to fall, as the sun has to shine. And as the rain can bring a new life, it can also take one. The same thing goes for our beloved sun, and you agree that we can’t live without the sun. Its every beam brings a new life, but also takes one. If the sun is to strong, and the weather is to hot, all our crops can easily burn. Then who is the biggest enemy, the rain or the sun? Those seedlings that are stronger and more durable will live, continue to develop, and at the end give a good yield and the healthy seeds for the next planting season. Those that are weaker will die and make a good compost and food for those that will survive and grow. And as we humans develop, so the other life forms develop also, at the expense of the weakest. For one to live, others have to die.

Epoh: But, my dearest teacher, what will happen if the storm destroys all of our crops, the healthy and the weak ones? What will we do then? How will we survive?

Teacher: Don’t worry, my most humble apprentice. Believe in Mother Nature, our teacher and the one who feeds us each and every day. Never lose hope. Because hope should not and can not be lost. There is only a fear of material lost, but not the real lost, the spiritual lost. Every material lost can be compensated. Nothing is lost forever.

Suddenly, the loud sound of strong thunder from outside is heard, and few moments later, a nearby tree goes down and falls to the muddy ground.

Efra: Dear teacher, I am very afraid of the thunder and storm. What if thunder strikes again and knocks down some other tree on our humble home? We will become homeless, hungry and poor. Where will we then learn and preach about freedom and beauty of our soul, our spiritual aspirations and the way that we went on.

Teacher: My dear and youngest apprentice, our you really afraid of Mother Nature? Doesn’t She give us food and water, make our clothes and shoes, a safe home, roof over our heads and a warm fire place. Your fear of the nature is unreasonable. If you are afraid of the nature, then you are afraid of yourselves. The nature is all around you and in you. Tell me, are you afraid of yourselves? If this is the true, then you had learned nothing on this spiritual way. And my role as your teacher has failed. If my teachings had not improved your lives, then I don’t want to be your teacher any more, and your learning is over. 

Apprentices: Dear teacher, we were wrong and we failed. We don’t want you to go. Please stay, we need you. We are sorry for all of our fears, loss of hope, anger and all the other secular sins.

Teacher: Don’t apologise to me, but to the Mother Nature. And pray that She gives you more power and mental strength in order to gain Her trust, and finish this apprenticeship. Your real teacher is not me, but She. Pray to Her for Her assistance, because She is always here and ready to help all those who are in trouble and need.

The evening had passed, and the new morning already came on this small ancient land of beauty and wonders. The rain stopped falling, and on the horizon the rainbow appeared, all in its glory and beauty that only the Mother Nature can show. Most of the crops had survived, and those seedlings that survived the storm, gave a good yield and the healthy and fertile seeds for the next planting season…

(Image & Source: Stay Out of the Woods @ Pinterest)