…In the world of today where more and more people are becoming slaves of their own miserable lives in their self-created egocentric societies of modern despotism, where money means power, fake freedom and constant struggle for domination that leads to mutually assured destruction, concepts like knowledge, intelligence, creativity and innovation become useless and fall behind the new virtues of modern society like stupidity, low intelligence, superstition, prejudice, primitiveness, mediocrity and etc.

Things that we see every day on modern Internet, things like gambling, pornography, idiotic behaviour on YouTube video channels and (non)social networks like Facebook, playing video games all day and night… are becoming more and more popular, and normal for today´s kids and teenagers. Things that were normal a few decades ago, like reading good books, watching great movies and TV series or listening to interesting music are fading away.

stack of books on the table
Who reads books today, soon they will become an obsolete, things from the past… (Image Source: IndianExpress)

Are we really becoming a society of complete idiots and fools?

In order to make this world a little bit better place, this little web site, this web project and its author are trying to fight against all this idiotic behaviour.

Not in political or religious way…

We hate political and religious fanaticism, nationalism or racism!

Not in long and useless philosophical discussions…

We hate idealism, egoism, egocentric behaviour!

We fight this diseases of modern society, this cancer that destroys our youth, with constructive knowledge, high intelligence, creativity and innovation!

We promote good and positive ideas, and destroy all that is bad, negative and destructive.

In order to achieve all that, we have to embrace the Knowledge, a holy grail of future, ´cause “Knowledge is the Real Power!”, this well of constructive ideas and facts about life and beyond, together with high Intelligence, the mother of all the logic, and create new and constructive ideas and products, in all areas of human society.

To unite the best of worlds of Science, Art and Spirituality to achieve the main goal of our human existence, the question: “Why Are We Here and What Is Our Purpose On This Planet?

This is why this web site/project is called Libertas Nova, a Latin expression for the New Freedom, ´cause true freedom is all we need to become happy and satisfied with our lives. But to achieve this true freedom, you have to go through all the pain and problems in your life, through thorns and over the high walls, `cause:

If a man wants a freedom, he must lose everything else.


Yours truly,

Ianus Christius, founder of Libertas Nova

(Image: Libertas Nova, web project logo)