(Cover Image & Source: Per Aspera Ad Astra by Florian Tönnies @ Flickr

…In the introductory part I wrote about the path of self-awareness. Many of you have surely wondered why I should need it? I’m happy with my present life, like this one now. Why would I have to change anything? I`m not the one who can command you to change your life; it is yours, not mine.

But tell me if you’re really happy with it?

Are you really?

Do you have everything you need?

Do this that you have really makes you happy and fulfilled?

Do you experience pain and anger, every day, every once in a while?

Do you sometimes feel that you´re sick and tired of everything; your daily job is becoming more and more a big headache; your family is getting on your nerves; do you always need more money to convince yourself that you are happy?

Questions never end…

I think you answered No on at least one of the first four questions, and Yes on at least one of the last five.

These are one of the main reasons why you need to know yourself. To better understand yourself and the world in which you live. At the moment you do not know what to do with yourself, what is your role on this planet, and why are you here at the first place? You need answers. And you don´t get them. These are one of the reasons why you are constantly furious and at the same time depressing.

You can have millions of dollars (euros, pounds, etc.) and still be dissatisfied with your life. Money is not made to make you happy, but poor and miserable. It’s an artificially created product of a disturbed human brain, and its only role is to make yourself selfish, egoistic and greedy bastards.

Did you know that there are more cases of suicide among rich people than among the poor?

Does this tell you something?

Turn to yourself, learn more about this world that you are an important part, but do not attach to it or its material forms. Every time you attach to it, you will suffer greatly.

But if you want to make the first step in the self-awareness process, remember, you will experience a lot of pain. You will have to shed many sweats and blood to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Yes, that is the spiritual enlightenment you’ve probably heard a lot; the path towards the ultimate self-awareness.

So tell me honestly whether you are willing to discard the flaws of this material world?

Are you really ready?

I think 99.9% will say No.

And I have to agree with you; it is hard to give up all the pleasures of our daily lives. I’m one of those who are still struggling with myself to break that bond. But in the end, I will be the one who will be the winner. And you know why?

Because I’m a fighter.

I was born to be a fighter; and not to let anything or anyone to stand in my way.

And for the end of this second part of the short guide to school of creativity, innovation and self-knowledge, I will ask you a simple question, and I expect a direct and honest answer from you:

Are you fighters or slaves?