(Cover Image & Source: Windmills @ The Dreaming Well)

…What would you think if I told you that most of our ideas, the most creative, the most innovative, the finest, are created and stored in our dreams?

That all of our ideas we have created in our dreams are not only ours, but also of the whole humanity, and ultimately of the whole universe.

I had a weird dream that I can not describe more closely, just remembering that when I woke up, still in that half-sleepy mood, on my mind had fallen some ideas, that those very ideas are maybe not formed only when we are awakened, but that most of them are created in dreams.

I remember that many of my ideas, which I later transformed in my works, were created in my dreams or in a semi-state, and these were one of my best ideas. Many texts on the internet, as well as in the e-books I wrote, were inspired by some of the details from those dreams.

Then I thought, if many ideas are created in our dreams, when our brain is resting, i.e. working with reduced capacity (as well as the rest of the body), would it be possible that all the ideas that are created in dreams, as the dreams themselves, are stored on some space, so that people can use it at some other time (it’s commonly known that most of the dreams are not remembered, and those we remember are the ones we dreamed just before our awakening). That would mean that many of our great ideas that we have created in our dreams would remain forever lost.

Then I remembered the famous philosophers of Hegel and Kant and their dream-related thoughts, as well as Freud’s attempt to describe dreams from the point of view of psychology and parapsychology.

But the one who I remember the most is Jung, especially his theory of collective consciousness.

C.G. Jung Quotes @ Jung Currents

I was thinking, what if all of our dreams and ideas that we created and elaborated in them, have remained in some sort of Dream Treasury, a kind of dream warehouse and the ideas that the whole world, and perhaps the entire universe, is using them every day for centuries.

Ideas that may be thousands of years old, maybe millions of years, and its creators could be other living creatures (plants, animals, aliens) as well as some spiritual entities and forces.

If this is the case, then in this Dream Treasury, this Well of Ideas, we could find the whole treasures that would help us discover not only the history of our universe (material and spiritual), but also its future, together with all of us in it.

Would not that be an interesting and new experience, something we have not been able to dream about (metaphorically 🙂 )?

In addition, all the great geniuses, as well as many average men, have for centuries used the ideas of other creators, created in dreams, stored in the Dream Treasury, and exploiting them for their own benefit or altruistic purposes.

Who knows how many great discoveries, inventions and masterpieces were created as the result of ideas from dreams, and how much of that ideas are still not in use?

Is this painting the result of one complex dream? (“Melting Watch”, 1954 by Salvador Dali @ Dali Paintings)

And who can even prove it that even now we are not sleeping?

Many people, and most of all wise men, spiritual teachers, prophets often dreamed of very unusual and complex dreams.

Likewise, I’m sure that each of you had at least once in your life dreamed of something he/she could not explain.

Are these weird things just the product of our lush and playful imagination, the weird and abstract combination of events and characters from reality and imagination, or something much more important to us individually and for all mankind.

First impressions of dreams I got from some interesting books on parapsychology and spirituality, and as an example I will mention The Book of Dreams by author Sylvia Browne and Supernature by author Lyall Watson.

“Supernature” by Lyall Watson @ Hatchette Australia

Do you dream the strange dreams, do you think they are prophetic or are they just the product of your lively imagination?

What do you think about the existence of the Well of Ideas and the Dream Treasury?