(Cover Image & Source: Winding Road @ Creative Katrina)

…In the last two introductory sections (Stairway to Wisdom – Introduction to the Creativity, Innovation & Self-knowledge School; Change Your Attitude and Fight For Your New Freedom!), I have tried to encourage you to think creatively, to the inspiration that every one of you has to do if you want to improve your present life, wake up your imagination, work things you have not tried yet, watch the world with other eyes, learn something new about the world that surrounds you; in short, make the most of your potentials available to you every day.

And remember, every new day is a new beginning. It’s never too late to start over again. Don´t listen to others that you are too young or too old to start something new, just because it’s not for you. You are the only one who knows what is best for you, and how to use all that is provided to you. Each of us was created for something, there is no man who is not capable for constructive things. If God created us on His own image and likeness (as we often know to say) then we, like Him, must also be creators. And word creativity means just that, creation.


In this section I will explain what is needed to start developing as a creative and self-aware individual. The following stages of development will be presented in the form of the so called “School of Creativity, Innovation and Self-Knowledge”, a school that has very little connection to the usual schools; a school that teaches you how to become your own teacher and disciple; a school that will be used for all known and unknown, orthodox and alternative ways of learning and the notions of reality that surrounds us daily. So let’s start.

School of Creativity, Innovation and Self-Knowledge


– encouraging a person to show their own creativity in order to help them in their life
– creativity in practice; work, family and life in general
– self-recognition as an individual path to the world’s knowledge of its beauty and complexity; observing our environment and ourselves from all known aspects

The main predispositions of every success:

1. KNOWLEDGE – learning and gathering facts throughout life

2. INTELLIGENCE – logical reasoning and sorting of collected facts with the aim of processing and making final decisions

3. CREATIVITY – the ability to create more potential solutions to one particular problem

Every good invention / discovery begins and ends with the stage of creativity, i.e. creation:

1. Creating ideas with imagination, i.e. irrational procedures

2. Based on knowledge of some issues related to a concrete problem, the starting idea is developing, realistic facts are added, and the process of rationalisation of problem solving starts

3. The intelligence of the author of the idea allows faster and easier use of all the facts and ideas created in the previous two points. Based on these, through using deductive or inductive processes we get to the ultimate solution to the problem

4. Any problem solved by this rational-irrational process creates new ideas and opportunities. The process of creating ideas starts again.

The biggest problem that often stops this process is the incomplete understanding of the significance of each of the three characteristics of each individual; knowledge, intelligence and creativity. To make an individual a good creator; both in business and in life; you need to understand each of these characteristics and practice them to perfection.

1. Knowledge – practice solely by learning and gathering facts relevant to a specific field of interest

2. Intelligence – although we are born with it, and we don’t have all the same level of thinking and logical understanding of the world we live in, it is necessary to practice the use of logic and reason every day and not rely to much on our senses and instincts in every situation

3. Creativity – all people are born with a gift of creation, but most of them are not aware of it. In order to practice it, it is necessary to learn how to create ideas, awaken imagination, dream. The world needs to be viewed with open mind, and every problem should be approached from as many different angles as possible, or from the point of view. For a person to start thinking creatively, he has to be in the majority of things extravagant and unusual

The best and easiest way to bring all three characteristics to perfection is in exercise. The best-performing exercises are those that use various games for learning and progress of the self-aware individuals. These are one of the reasons why children are the most creative, because they unconsciously use various games to learn about the unknown world that surrounds them. But for the game not to become self-contained, and therefore useless, the game needs to be adapted to what we want from it or by the way we are using it.

There are many creative games. For individual needs, it is best to use a variety of creative knowledge quizzes, as well as numerous mental maps for solving a simpler but interesting problem. Mental maps are also used in group work to help individuals share their ideas with members of their group and analyse and validate ideas of others. The goal of each game is to create and analyse ideas with the ultimate goal of their implementation in the final and desired product; irrespective of whether it is a product of material or spiritual nature. When the idea is transformed into a finished product, the only thing left is the final process of placing the product on the market…