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(continued from In the Kingdom of the Desert Rose (Part V.)…)

…Soon the dawn will break, and she knew that she has to return to slave master’s house before her master and the other servants wake up. She had to be quick, as quick as possible. It was not the first time that she stayed in the tavern so late, but the desire to humiliate young boys and girls was stronger then her, so she enjoyed in every moment that she spent there, in the darkness of that lustful place full of drunk slaves and foreigners.

When she was hurrying to get home, which was at the opposite side of the town, she heard some strange noises, like someone was following her. In this time of night, there are a lot of beggars, prostitutes and thieves that wonder around this narrow, dark and filthy streets, just waiting for someone that they could rob or even kill if it was necessary to get what they wanted, and most of all that included money, jewellery and luxurious clothes and other merchandise that they could sell on the black market.

Just before she could enter in the neighbourhood that she knew so well, somebody stood in front of her, blocking her path to the slave master’s house. Some high creature in the darkness, with glowing eyes and a spark of evil in its soul. She could feel coldness that ran down her spine, a sudden fear she felt, like this creature was not from this world, at least not the world that she knew so well. She knew she must get away from this unearthly creature, so she tried to run as fast as she could. But she was just standing there. She couldn’t move at all. Like she was frozen. Those glowing eyes paralysed her and she was as good as dead. She thought she was paralysed for a long time, but it was just in a blink of an eye.

And just about when she could feel once more herself, the creature vanished, like it never had existed. Vanished in the thin air. Like a creature from the other side of life, a demon in hunt for the lost and lustful human souls.

Suddenly, when she tried to continue to get back home, she felt a powerful blow from behind, which made her feeling dizzy and confused. A few moments later, she was lying unconscious on the filthy ground of the lustful old town.

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