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…In the last part (How To Travel on the Road of Creativity and Self-Knowledge?), you could find out what conditions you need to get started on this interesting and overwhelming creative journey. Everything else depends on you. You know you’re creative, but you don’t know how to show it. You don’t know where to start, how to create a good idea. Ideas that could later be used to start a new job in which you will be completely independent. But creativity and self-knowledge are not here just for the new business opportunities, but for every living situation you are in. If you are having problems in your family, with friends, in school; using this approach with a constructive and optimistic attitude will get you far in the right direction.

Since each of us is a separate individual, there isn’t a unique and expressive solution for everyone’s problems. After all, what kind of world would it be if our problems were solved in the same way as we solve problems with our working non-intelligent machines. Each of us creates its own imaginative world and follows its own set of life paths. But no matter how much different we are, we are also pretty similar to each other. We all use similar things; we all have to eat and drink, sleep. That is why we use similar patterns of behaviour, the ways in which we can better understand the world we live in.

To find out what you really need, you have to think what you really want to do, what do you want to talk about with your family members, friends or love partners. You need good ideas, and they are pretty hard to find. At least not always when you need them the most. To find that great idea that you want, a high dose of inspiration is needed. For example, writing this article as well as maintaining the whole blog requires a great inspiration and a good will. When I have no good will and inspiration, there is no way that I could do something constructive and creative. I can try as much as I can, but the words and ideas just don’t come, no matter how much I try. That’s why sometimes it happens that I don’t write a single sentence in two weeks and then, at the moments of the great inspiration, I make several articles or other works in a few hours.

To be creative, or to go on the path of self-knowledge or learning about the world that surrounds us, we all need inspiration. The more, the better. It’s like the life energy, and you need it as much and as quick as you can, because it runs out very quickly.

You wonder how I got so much inspiration for writing so much posts on various subjects (only on this web site more than 300), all alone and without any extra charge. Probably many of you will think that that’s crazy and a complete waste of time. Maybe. But I know why I followed this path. And I’m never alone, even when I’m writing posts. And I’m aware of that every day.

To show you how I went on this path and how I got inspiration for such things; it’s best to briefly explain you my short, but very thorny life path that happened to me in the last ten years:

“It all began in the Summer of 2009., when after many turmoils I quit the job that I had. Then I realised that I was at the beginning of a very difficult and mentally exhausting journey. Soon after disagreement with my mother, I decided to go my own way. I left home, and after a few weeks of sleeping on the streets, I got permission from my aunt to stay in my grandmother’s house (which was then completely empty) until I find a new job. And so the whole year had passed, but I did nothing to improve my life. Instead of looking for a new job, I became very lazy, and completely dependent on low quality food from public kitchens and other stuff that I needed, that I got from nuns in some city’s monasteries. I know, you will say, that was very sad and miserable life, especially for a man in his late twenties.

Then came the second year of that so called life, and this time, I was staying at my friend’s house, after a disagreement with my aunt. But the situation wasn’t getting better, actually it was even worse, since I had almost reconciled with my bitter fate. Fortunately, what many other people who are in a similar situation do, I haven’t considered to commit a suicide. All that time I was surrounded by my best friends, those who are always ready to help you, and the most when you are feeling depressed. At first, I have to admit that I was temped to give up everything, but then I wondered what’s the point of life after all. Will I leave this dark place without doing a job for what I was born. No, I just have to withstand and solve my problems, one at a time. Things have to be better.

At the beginning of 2011., near the end of Winter, I decided to recreate myself more often, especially hiking in the Medvednica mountain, the kingdom of pure nature in the very vicinity of the city of Zagreb. I’ve always loved the outdoors, whether it was walking around the park, by the lake, river or sea, or by hiking in the hills or mountains. It made me happier, and I always came back full of some new energy. In addition, hiking is a great effort, but when you get to the top by yourself, there is no better view of the world bellow than you could see at that particular moment of inspiration. As I filled my energy levels in hiking, I became increasingly inspired by some constructive things. One of them was the decision to open my own blog, where I wrote about everything I was doing at that time, what inspired me the most, my life style etc., but also about the things I wanted to find out or about which I wanted others to know about. The most beautiful verses of my spiritual poems, as well as various thematic articles I had written in the moments of the most inspiration; whether I’ve created them by wandering through the streets of Zagreb, or by hiking in the Medvednica mountain.

And as I learned so much about the new things, I got some new insights about our world that you won’t find in a single book. In addition to secular things, I was also interested in the world of spirituality of which I knew very little. By reading many books, I have also encountered those wise writings from various religions and esoteric disciplines; such as the Jewish Kabbalah, the Hindu’s Vedas, the Buddhist scriptures, various esoteric and exoteric books, etc. I even went so far that I visited several spiritual centres on several occasions, such as the Buddhist Centre and the Vedas Studies Centre, both in the city of Zagreb. All with the intention to learn what I’ve never thought about before. I wanted to draw out the best speeches and stories from various sacred and esoteric writings. But in order not to ignore secular things, I was equally interested in topics related to popular science and art; and border disciplines such as history, geography, archaeology, etc. I could say that I created my blog in some sort of the philosophical/spiritual form, on March the 8th, 2011., when I wrote my first article “Misli jednog anarhista” (eng. “The Thoughts of an Anarchist”).

Even as a kid I was curious and sometimes very annoying to my environment because of all the questions I used to ask the older members of my family. That great curiosity and desire to research kept me alive, especially in those difficult times living as a low life and unemployed young man, without any financial support and security of the modern life.

At the end of the Spring of that same year 2011., I decided to make a very daring and tedious endeavour. I was planning to walk all the Western and Southern Croatia all alone, carrying with myself only the basic things, stored in a small backpack, without any money or food. But on that May the 3rd fortune and destiny weren’t on my side. Already at the end of that first day, walking from the Zagreb’s southwestern neighbourhood Lučko to town of Jastrebarsko, I got very nasty squashes on both of my heels, and the weather got worse as the evening approached. At the end, there was a strong storm with heavy rain. Since I went on that journey without a sleeping bag, and couldn’t find a proper shelter where I could get away from the rain, I was forced to give up and return with the local bus all the way to the city of Zagreb, from where my short journey has begun.

The next period for me was the hardest because I found myself sleeping on the streets for the first time, now as the real homeless person. And when you have no roof over your head, you’re in a big trouble, especially in the winter time, when the snow falls down, and you can feel the coldness and moisture in your bones. Fortunately, with the help of a friend I found a permanent shelter in an abandoned warehouse. When the Spring 2012. came, I had to leave this shelter and find another roof over my head. At the end I settled in a stone shelter, some sort of an old World War II tunnel on the slopes of Medvednica mountain, not too close or far away from the city itself. Those bad times exhausted me the most, because I constantly had to be far away from the police, other fellow citizens, etc. I felt like a fugitive and a dangerous criminal.

As the new Summer came, I went on an adventure trip to Croatia, which was my second attempt. I couldn’t find myself a job, so I decided to spend hot Summer in getting to know my homeland. At those times, I thought it would be much better to go to the sea and in the mountains, than to wonder around the “burning streets” of the city of Zagreb. This time I was better prepared, bought myself a sleeping bag and all the other things I could buy, that I thought it was necessary (but carrying no food or money with me). In addition to secular reasons for that big adventure, i.e. to test all of my physical boundaries and explore the regions as any other tourist; I also had some spiritual reasons. I wanted to know what was waiting for me in the near future, what are my goals, my life path. I didn’t got the answers to all of my questions, but for some things I was a little bit smarter than before I went to that big journey. After more than three months spending time on that harsh walking adventure, a real journey for any adventurist, I returned to the city of Zagreb, in my mother’s house. Soon after I had returned, I decided to make one small creative project, my own, even do pretty amateur digital magazine, written in the form of e-book series, which I called “Libertas Nova”. Its intention wasn’t only to entertain and educate readers, but also to make me more satisfied and inspiring for the new life achievements…”

As you could read in these few previous paragraphs, each of us gets inspiration in a different way. Probably many of you think that it must have been very stupid and unwise to go such a way, to live like that. And you’re probably right, I’m not proud of everything I’ve done in those few years, but I’m also aware that that were just a part of my life lessons. And I wasn’t embarrassed to admit I slept in the streets like a low life bum, that I was eating in public kitchens, that I was living on the very bottom of the modern society. Only later did I realised that all this was happening for a good reason. The man has to fall to get up again, this time stronger and smarter; because learning at your own mistakes is probably the best, even do not the smartest approach. And while I was learning about the world that surrounded me, I mostly learned a lot of myself. That is why I’m grateful that I had to go through this thorny path because I was able to learn about things that I never could dream of before. Only now can I tell that that way of living had completely changed my way of thinking and that now, I’m observing this world of pain and suffering with a totally different approach.

To make your dream come true, you don’t have to live your life with so much ups and downs like I did, experiencing the world in the most difficult way. It is important only to just stick to your plans, to be persistent, constructive and optimistic, and all the paths of your lives will be clear and visible.

And of course do not forget to be creative.