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…It all started long time ago, I remember it was the beginning of the Summer of 2011., just a few months had passed since I started to write my first personal blog, blog that was concerned mostly with subjects of philosophy, natural science and religion/spirituality.

Of all of the mentioned subjects, I knew nothing or at least just some basic things about the spiritual practice, prayers, teachings and spirituality in general. In order to learn more about this for me a new subject, I gathered information mostly by reading spiritual and religious books. Then, one day of that hot summer, I decided that I have to try to find more information not from books, but by visiting some spiritual and religious centres, to ask the people there for their guidance and to give me the answers on some dilemmas that bothered me those days.

So, one day I decided to go to Zagreb’s Buddhist centre, to listen their teachings from the Buddhist Sutras, to watch some interesting movies on that subject and so on. Later, I came to visit Centre for Vedas Studies, located in the beautiful mountainous part of the city of Zagreb, where Hindus of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness gather around (better know for they name Hare Krishna Movement).

I listened interesting stories from one of the most beautiful books ever written, Bhagavad Gita, stories of the Krishna and his friend Arjuna. Later, I participated in dancing and singing their ancient Hindu songs, written in old Indian Sanskrit. When everything was over, I ate their, for me at those times, strange vegetarian dishes, and talked to their master teacher and one of the centre’s guides, of all the spiritual subjects that interested me the most. I had a lot of questions, mostly regarding their practice, how to perform yoga and meditation, about reading their books and etc. At the and of our conversation, I was more or less satisfied with the answers and knowledge that I got there.

Later, I thought about not so much of the way this spiritual people live, religion that they practice, but more of the food they eat. As it is quite common in the Central and East Asia to eat mostly food made from fruits, vegetables and diary products, especially in India, that type of nutrition is also quite common for all of their different religious/spiritual practice, like in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism; or in philosophical teachings of Confucius (Kǒng Qiū in Hanyu Pinyin; meaning Master Kong) or Lao Tzu (Lǎozǐ in Hanyu Pinyin; meaning Old Master).

As a young man, a student in my early twenties, I never much liked vegetarians and their for me then, pretty poor diet, lacking of meat products (the biggest source of proteins, iron and some vitamins) and for some radical vegetarians (like vegans), also lacking of diary products and eggs.

Later, I thought about all of this, the reasons why people become vegetarian, either because of the way farmers and livestock/poultry producers treat animals (poor living conditions of the animals, injecting hormones in their blood or flesh to grow faster, or to the way how they kill them), because of the economical and environmental problems concerning animal breeding (the area that animals occupy, the huge amounts of animal waste products, especially manor etc.), or because of the healthy issues of the ones who wants to become a vegetarian.

One of the most common reason why someone becomes a vegetarian, is because they, the people, don’t want to eat the meat of the animals that are brutally killed, they can’t and won’t endure the suffering and pain of those animals.

And I totally agree with that.

Modern way of breeding and killing domestic animals for food purpose is just to much violent, and totally different from the times before the big industrial revolutions took place.

But if it’s not in order to torture and kill animals, I think it is also not in order to torture and kill plants too, because, from biological point of view (and scientific in general), plants are also living beings.

Then I thought about is there a way, that we humans, living beings with high consciousness and morality (what we like to often point out), can find another way, another approach to feed ourselves, and not to kill any other living being.

Is that really possible?

Could we live like that?

Due to the fact that I’m a chemist by profession (and the greatest interest I showed for biochemistry), I came to the conclusion that this type of modern non-violent nutrition would be possible if we could eat only plant fruits, that would include all sorts of fruits (apples, bananas, peaches, berries in general etc.), some sorts of vegetables (excluding those that we use plant’s roots, stems or leaves; because they are all part of the living plant), all type of cereals, eggs and dairy products.

Of course, we would have to make some sort of compromise, due to the fact that it’s impossible to exclude all types of life form from our nutrition (all plant seeds and eggs are in general embryos, like the life precursors, even do they are technically not alive; and all types of food, including dairy products, even the water itself, that contains a lot of microorganisms that we swallow each day (like we inhale them with every breath of air)).

In the last couple of days I came upon some information regarding this type of noninvasive nutrition, that is known for many centuries, by the terms of Fruitarianism or Jain vegetarianism (and both of them are very ascetic, harsh and mostly unhealthy approaches to the way of choosing what to eat).

The most concern about the health problems with vegetarianism in general is, as I mentioned above, in the lack of many nutrients (many proteins and essential amino acids that you can find only in animal products, some fats, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, etc.).

So, to be a vegetarian, and especially of that kind that I was talking about, you should take into consideration to consume all the foods that contain all or almost all of the necessary nutrients.

What do you think about this type of Fruitarianism (that I called myself ABC Nutrition or Anti-Biocide Nutrition), or about vegetarianism in general?