(Cover Image & Source: Simple Life 4 Peripatetic School by seeker273 @ Deviant Art)

…Once upon a time, in the corridor of the great temple, his majesty the King and it’s humble servant are walking around and talking about the important issues of their lives:

Servant: “Your Majesty, in the last few days I heard a rumour among our noblemen, that say that you like to gamble. Are these rumours true? Are you really a gambler?”

King: “Of course I am a gambler, since the day I was born.”

Servant: “What do you mean by that, your Majesty? Isn’t it written in the law, your law, that the gambling is forbidden, and is penalised by death.”

King:” Yes, that is the truth. Every gamble by the means of money or other material values is punished by the law.”

Servant: “Your Majesty, excuse me on my ignorance, but I do not understand you. Then you are not a gambler?”

King: “Yes, I am a great gambler. Our whole life is one big gamble, one unpredictable and very hazardous game. Every new day that comes by, brings us something new. We can not predict what will the day bring, until it ends and the sun goes down. Only then, when the day is over, we can turn back on it, on all the things that happened, and make a conclusion was that day good or bad for us.”

Servant: “I think I understand you now, your Majesty.”