(Cover Image & Source: “King David Playing the Harp” by Gerard van Honthorst @ Bible Study With Randy)

…Once upon a time, in the ancient history there was a kingdom, the biggest kingdom that has ever existed on the planet of Earth. Kingdom was ruled by the powerful king, famous for its wisdom. But the older he became, more and more he turned into the wild beast, torturing his beloved people by the most wicked tricks. He demanded from every of his citizens, at least once in their life, to work as slaves, to prove to him, the king, that they are loyal to his crown. Then he ordered for every young man to train to become fighter in his fighting arena, to fight against other young men till death, just to amuse their king. And as the king became older, things got more cruel and sadistic.

Meanwhile, the kingdom degraded more and more each day, losing its initial power. On its far borders, its barbaric neighbours were breaking in frequently, destroying and burning everything that was on their way. Because of that, citizens and villagers that were living by the border, were planning a rebellion against their king, to stop his tyranny and gather the mighty army that would fight against their vicious neighbours. The big Noble Council has gathered around to solve the problem how to dethrone their king. They tried to bribe the king with jewels, beautiful young women, new unconquered lands etc. But nothing worked, the old king was still wise enough to uncover their filthy tricks. Solutions to this harsh problem were getting less, and all the delegates sent to the king by the Council ended with their heads cut of, executed for the treason against the king. Nobody wanted to go to the king any more.

And as it mostly happens, the solution came out by itself. One young shepherd decided to accept the challenge and solve this big problem. He will go to the king, alone, without the escort. If he succeeds in his plan, he said to the great Noble Council, then he must be crowned as the new king. At first, all the members of the Council rejected his condition. But soon after, they changed their stands, thinking that this young and foolish man will probably die, like many others who went before him. At the end, they accepted his condition and gave him a chance to dethrone their ruthless king.

(Continued into the The Well Of Youth (Part II.)…)