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“The fruits of science are food for the body.
The fruits of art are food for the soul.” (Ianus Christius)

…One of the most important reasons for the existence of human race is in exploring our surroundings, creating new ideas and imaginative worlds, finding inspiration in everything that is in our vicinity, from the wild nature itself to ourselves.

The discipline that is trying to combine the best from all the worlds is called Holism, an idea that says that systems (physical, biological, chemical, social, economic, mental, linguistic) and their properties should be viewed as wholes, not just as a collection of parts. This idea was presented in 1926. by the South African statesman, military leader and a philosopher Jan Christiaan Smuts, who said that the fundamental concepts of matter, life and mind has to be observed as a whole, which is best described in the famous saying that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

This idea, speaking in general, is very old, and dates back for many centuries, even millennia in history, from the old Indian manuscripts in Vedas, all to the old Egyptian and Greek Proto-Chemistry and Alchemy and the teachings of the mythical Hermes Trismegistus and his alleged book “Corpus Hermeticum” in which it is written that “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”, comparing the Earth with the Heaven, and the skies with the ground.

In modern times, holism gets more attention, especially from many so called New Age movements and spiritualists in general. For me personally, I observe this idea as the one that could really help our civilisation to make a real and meaningful progress in the near future.

For me, holism, as one of the modern ideas, is something that we can use not only in philosophy, but also when we want to combine the best of the worlds of modern science, art and spirituality. Because all that I see today is the world in chaos, and none of the above mentioned disciplines are not helping this world getting better.

Modern science has finished to make interesting and meaningful explorations of the world of matter and mind. Today, most of the scientists are no longer explorers, only technicians (scientifically speaking) who are more concerned with their physical existence then the joy that science gave us in the few previous centuries. Now it is only important to finish the education on some famous university and get a good paid job in some laboratory or any other similar working place. Scientific investigations are mostly sponsored by multinational corporations that don’t care about the discoveries or inventions, only for the pure profit. Also, there are no more great individual scientists like before, who worked everything by themselves. Now we have groups of scientists, that are mostly made of two-three leaders and others that are only passers-by, getting their credits in the science magazines for some, mostly uninteresting scientific investigations.

At the other side, we have artists, who even do are still doing their best to create their masterpieces in the only real “free activity” (often said just as “free arts”), are lacking wider influence on the people and the society in general (most of the people of this world are still experiencing the art as a playground for some naive and foolish people, and not taking seriously the artists and their very complex and wide areas of work).

Third important group are the spiritualists and religious people in general, who are trying to explore the world of human mind and soul since the beginning of time, but still are too narrow-minded and concerned with their own physical existence (like the scientists), and not in the exploration of the meaning of our lives, the nature and the universe in general.

In order to create better society in the future, we should change our approaches and the mind set, in order to continue to progress. Today, we are progressing only technologically, and that has to stop one day. As far as for our human mind and soul, I think we are slowly degrading, at least since the beginning of the first industrial revolution.

Future generations are not going to care so much about scientific discoveries or new technological gadgets. They won’t probably care so much of the world of art, politics or religion, at least not in the way how we look at those areas of human development nowadays.

They will want something more, something meaningful, permanent values that we today don’t possess. And if we, the children of today, want our descendants to live a life descent of one human being, one true Homo sapiens, then we have to change something today.

First of all, we have to consider the fact that only way that we can approach the answers to the everlasting and the most important questions of our existence, is in uniting the best that we have today. Concerning the above mentioned idea of holism, we have to unite our scientists, artists and spiritualists and give them power to seek for those answers together. Individually, all of these mentioned areas will never get as close to the final answer of the meaning of our existence, as well as the existence of the universe in general, physical or spiritual. They just have to find a way to work together.

And to make the best possible conditions that those creative people can work on solving these tasks, and together, is giving them better, proper and meaningful education.

Modern school education, better know as the formal education, have failed to educate people in the way that they, the students, really think “with their own heads”. Education of today is mostly concerned with itself and not with what valuable information are they giving to their students. They are not making open-minded and creative people, just robots and slaves of the modern technocracy that no longer needs people that have their own mind set, but obedient and stupid workers, the “flock of sheep” whose only purpose is to earn money for the Big Brother, or the New World Order. Today we are the puppets and the characters in the famous George Orwell’s book “1984.”.

But we have still time to change that for the better. We have to change the way how modern people think. We have to change the way we educate ourselves. We have to reprogram ourselves from this society of modern neo-capitalistic despotic society.

Unfortunately, as it was the case in the history of human kind, only the small part of the human population will have enough resources and intelligence to reprogram themselves through modern and meaningful education systems, only few who will make the real progress of this society in the real future. And only those will survive all the turbulence of modern life.

Due to the fact that I consider myself one of those who has a mission to expand all of my knowledge and experience, and give it to other knowledge seekers, through the sets of special classes, I created my own set of rules that are important for every man or a woman that wants to get the proper education of and for the future.

As far as for now, I will reveal the basic principles of my education system, that I intend to incorporate into my future courses or school in the near future. I called this principles the Six Pillars of Ultimate Spiritual Enlightenment, or Six Pillars of Wisdom:

  1. Knowledge (ability to explore the world that surrounds you, to reach as many as possible valuable information about our world, through all the today available medias, and use them to create the new masterpieces of human civilisation)
  2. Intelligence (ability to use all the collected valuable information from the previous part, to process them in any possible and logic way, to use all the possible techniques (like mental maps) to create groups of valuable data, ready for use in creating some piece of work)
  3. Self-Knowledge (in order to use all the collected and processed data in the best possible way, and give them “higher” meaning, to inspire and to give them originality and uniqueness, we have to incorporate the best of the world of spirituality into the physical world of science and art)
  4. Sport & Recreation (if there is no free spirit and healthy body, then we are not capable to create anything usable and valuable; so we need to recreate in the nature and other places to fill our energy levels, and achieve the discipline to continue with our progress)
  5. Creativity & Innovation (after all the above mention tasks are done, only then we can begin with creating our masterpieces, no matter from what area of science, art, spirituality, etc. they come; we have to incorporate our imagination in this final act of creating works)
  6. Criticism & Self-Criticism (after the work is done, we have to evaluate our finished work, first by ourselves, the authors, then by the members of our intelligent and constructive part of our society)


Ianus Christius, the author