(Cover Image & Source: Walking Through Wild Nature @ The Profit Tree)

…It’s been almost two weeks since I wrote the last post, the last text, the last artwork that I wanted to write and memorise on this blog before I go on my long long journey without a specific destination. I had a plan to start my voyage on the 3rd or 6th of June, but due to the small problems with my working agency and my current apartment owner, and the thing that I have to wait for both of them to pay me some money, agency has to pay me the salary for the last working month, which I expect to get at the end of the next week, along with the caution money for the apartment where I lived in the last few months, that I have to get back from the apartment owner.

So, in this period of preparation I had a lot of time to think about everything, where I want to go, in which direction to start my walking journey, what will the weather be in the next few weeks, what will I eat and where, where will I sleep, what will I do during this for me a new type of adventure. New because in the previous walking adventures I always knew where I was going and when will I get there. I had a specific daily routes or destinations and a time when I will reach that destinations, for every new day.

Now, things will be completely different. In this case, I will not care how many kilometers will I walk every day, in which specific direction will I go (in most times, I will leave that to my intuition to decide), will I walk every day or rest a day or more at some specific place. Also, I consider this journey as a special private spiritual adventure, which will be more concerned with my personal spiritual growth, then the typical walking adventurism and tourism, i.e. I will care more for what I do, where I go and who I meet, then just for pure walking, taking photographs, exploring places etc. I will care more for the wild nature then for visiting towns and villages.

I wrote the general plans, which will be probably changed during my journey:


Private Spiritual Adventurism

Walking Sport Adventurism
Private Pilgrimage

* combination of adventurism and pilgrimage (pilgrim – adventurer)
* walking adventurism – every day walking for many kilometeres and hours (not specific) with a full or semi-full backpack with only basic things including water, food and a sleeping bag (possibly with a mat underneath)
* tourism – exploring and visiting new places and meeting new people
* wild nature tourism – exploring and visiting new wild nature places (forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, streams, coastlines, etc.)
* walking mostly through the wild nature, on the local/village roads and forest/mountain tracks and sleeping in the wild nature (avoid bigger places as much as possible, especially for sleeping in there)
* buying food in shops and sometimes in restaurants (especially when you want to eat something with a spoon, like soups and stew dishes)
* when the weather is dry and hot, wake up at cca 6 – 8 am, then find a bakery, buy some rolls or donuts (bakery products)
* walk for cca 4 hours (cca 15-20 km) without major stops, then rest somewhere in the vicinity of some village or town, buy small lunch in the shop, eat and rest in the wild nature place (park, forest, by river, lake, etc.), write journal, make ideas, enjoy the nature

* walk another cca 4 hours (cca 15-20 km), then when the evening is approaching, find a good resting place for sleep, preferably with something over your head for a possible night rain, eat what was left from lunch, or buy something else from shop/bakery; sleep in sleeping bag with or without the mat
* in general:

06-08 breakfast, resting, preparing for walking
08-12 walking I
12-16 lunch, rest, writing, reading
16-20 walking II
20-22 supper, rest, finding good location for a night sleep, maybe a little exploring countryside, village, town, photographing
22-08 sleeping in a sleeping bag with or without the mat, preferably below the roofed place

* if the weather is cold and rainy, choose if you will walk less, only during a rainless hours, or find a good shelter and a hiding place for staying and pausing the journey for a day or more
* private pilgrimage including thinking about the spiritual path, exploring wild nature, writing plans and ideas for KISS school, going to possible spiritual and similar centres in the vicinity, listening free lectures, taking free 1-2 day long courses, talking with spiritual people along the way, volunteering, learning about everything, visiting free science and art shows along the way, etc.

* eating only food from my self-made type of reduced lacto-ovo vegetarian diet (that I called ABC diet), abstinence of all sexual and similar actions (this is a spiritual path, not a high school trip)
* if you find a good place where you could stay for a while or longer, nice nature, good people, possibility for staying somewhere to volunteer in exchange for a free food/accommodation, especially when autumn/winter comes, or a short term job and accommodation (like for period late Autumn – early Spring), then stay and learn from that experience
* if you find a place for shorter or longer stay, work on your lectures and school with other people, mostly locally, try to gather money from work or lecturing to publish your literature and other works

Also, I was thinking about the possible direction of my journey, and even do it will still be not specific, I figured out that it would be good if I had some general idea, so I have chosen to go first west in the direction of France (now I am in Bavaria, south Germany), in the vicinity of the towns of Strasbourg and Metz, then north to Luxembourg, after that through eastern parts of Belgium and Netherlands, then north Germany by Hannover and Hamburg, to Denmark, and finally to Sweden, in the direction of Stockholm. That is one big and long journey, more than a thousand kilometers long. I hope I will find a good resting place before that, especially before the winter comes, in the time when I will have no real possibility to walk during cold winter and early spring days.

I have already prepared all the things that I will need, bought myself a new 60 L waterproof rucksack, new sleeping bag, new walking shoes, and organised everything that I will put in my rucksack (but not to much things, only the basics, my private documents, underwear, shirts and pants, towels, shampoo, tooth brush and tooth paste, writing journal, smartphone, wallet, all batteries for smartphone and shaving machine, small scissors, knife, spoon, bottles for water etc.). Anyway, I don’t want my rucksack to be heavier then 15 kilos, because I will have to walk with this for hours and hours every or almost every day.

As well as for now, I know that I will have enough money for at least six months that I will spend on food, in general not more then 10 Euros for a day.

At the end of this post, I hope I will find my “place under the Sun”, start my KISS school, not get burned or frozen along the way, and definitely not end my travels like Alexander Supertramp. For me, in my current situation, it really doesn’t matter how long will I have to wait for my dreams to come true. As I said in some of my previous posts, I have only two big goals, to explore most of the world mostly by foot (walking adventurism) and to open my Creativity, Innovation & Self-Knowledge School, which I called KISS school.

What do you think about all of this, is this dream possible or is it a pure madness?