(Cover Image & Source: Rust In Peace by Megadeth @ Genius)

…Two years have passed since I left my homeland Croatia, two years of constant struggles to find my place under the sun, to find a good job, to start a new life. But always when I thought that something good can happen, something bad comes instead.

That bad thing is called capitalism, a real enemy of the modern society. The same one that created modern slavery systems, where everything is monitored, everybody is under the mighty eye of the G. Orwell’s Big Brother.

Source: Waking Times
Monsanto, agricultural company, one of the biggest destroyer of the wild nature and humanity; Source: Top Masters In Healthcare

Social system that was created to make people the real slaves of their evil egoistic habits and robots of the new working class system (just like in the Fritz Lang’s popular SF movie “Metropolis”).

Society made only for the elite, small group of people who dominate and control most parts of the world, either by impossing their political systems or business methods, both on the expense of the majority of the population and the nature in general.

Should we trust this people?; Source: ABS-CBN News

Do we, the “small” people want to be treated as a herd of sheeps sent to slaughter houses, even without the chance to fight back?

No, we won’t, at least not the ones with at least some “brains” in their heads, that are still not brainwashed and sterilized.

Today, I become a true anarchist, today I shall fight for my rights, whether I live or die, ’cause this is the only way how I and the other intelligent human creatures can survive in this evil and Godforsaken world!

Today, Libertas Nova will become the real place and a web project for struggle of the all new anarchists, online and offline, in a quest for creating the new socio-economic anarchist society!

Join me in my struggle for the better world!

Source: Philosophers For Change

Read my next posts where I shall impose my methods of creating a new post-capitalist world, follow me and we shall conquer and destroy this capitalistic beast forever!

Yours truly, Ianus Christius, anarchist and creator of the New Utopia system