(Cover Image & Source: Basic needs @ Manipal Blog)

…The world is in chaos.

At the end of the second decade of the 21st century we struggle with more problems that our ancestors could ever imagine.

Poverty kills children, wars and conflicts destroy whole nations, pandemic is tearing down our “superb” modern health systems, big unemployment throws people on the streets, natural disasters destroy homes and lives, tasteless artificial fast food, filthy water and polluted air slowly destroying our beloved modern capitalist society.

I was wondering, is there a chance for us to survive all of this?

Are there another ways that we could start all over again?

And what do we really need to survive in this crazy world?

While thinking about all of this, I remembered what I knew about this world, especially from the scientific point of view.

What are those basic ingredients that we all need to live happy and fullfiled, even do simple lives?

After a short research in the voyage of my twisted mind, I came to this final results:

Only six things we need to survive, only six to be really happy and satisfied. All the other things in our lives are a matter of luxury.

I divided them in two groups of three, one is a basic necessity, other is not so compulsory, but still important for our human race.


♡ clean, fresh and breathable AIR (in average, human can live max 3 minutes without inhaling air)

♡ clean, fresh and drinkable WATER (in average, human can live max 3 days without drinking water)

♡ clean, fresh and edible FOOD ( in average, human can live max 3 weeks without food)


☆ clean, dry and usable CLOTHES ( without it you would freeze to death in cold days, or burn to death in hot days; they are protecting upper parts of our bodies)

☆ clean, dry and usable SHOES ( without it we couldn’t normally walk without problems of cutting ourselves, getting infections, and getting cold during colder days; they are protecting our legs)

☆ clean and useable SHELTER (accommodation with a good and isolated roof, walls and floors, for good sleeping, leaving personal things (like clothes, documents etc.), using toilettes and showers, heating systems for drying wet clothes, warming the facility, cooking meals etc.)

Do you agree with me that this six necessities are really the only things that we really need to live our simple but fullfiled lives?