(Cover Image: Sitting on the Solar Bench and Charging My Phone, Lake Jarun, Zagreb, Croatia)

…In the last two posts I was writing something about problems that some of the modern cities have with supplies of free drinkable water and free or cheaper public toiletes.

In this third part I will write something about which is not of the life importance, but has become one of the things that are becoming quite usual in the modern world of IT technology, and what defines the world of the 21st century.

First is electricity, a basic necessity of the 20th century, and an Internet, which has become a necessity at the beginning of this century.

Lot of us that are working and living in big urban areas are in need of free and publicly available Internet, known as a free Wifi Hotspots, and a free and available electricity sockets, where we can charge our mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other electrical/digital devices. Especially when we are spending time away from our living or working places, like for example, when you are walking through the town and spending your free time in the outdoor urban areas.

Free Wifi Hotspot, free USB socket, free public toilets, Shopping mall Triangeln, Malmö, Sweden

Of course, when you are spending your free time in a coffee shop or some restaurant, then most of them have their own free Wifi Hotspots for the customers, and sometimes even a free electrical socket in the areas where you eat and drink.

Free Wifi Hotspots (Image Source: Dem Geeks)

But what if you are outside, at some big city square, in the shopping mall, big outdoor marketplace, public library, employment agency etc.?

What then?

Where will you charge your phone, your tablet or laptop?

Where will you find a free Wifi Hotspot?

And what if you want to use this things and you are unemployed or homeless like me, then what could you do?

Fortunatelly, in comparison with free water and public toilets problems, most bigger cities have a lot of useable free Wifi Hotspots in diferent public indoor and outdoor areas, and some of them even electricity sockets, sometimes in a form of USB solar benches.

Solar Bench, Stockholm
USB Socket, Public City Bus, Salzburg, Austria

For the cities that have a lack of those, I would recommend to put the same minimal number of free Wifi outdoor or indoor Hotspots, as well as some free electricity sockets, in standard “wall form” indoors , or in a form of solar benches (see examples in the post How Should the Modern Urban Areas Look Like – Air/Water Problems & Solutions)

One of the rare example where free Wifi is not available in most coffee shops and restaurants is the city of Munich in south Germany, a capital of Bavaria, the biggest German federal state (de. Bundesland Bayern).

So, at the end of this post, I ask you do the cities where you live and/or work have free Wifi Hotspots and free electricity sockets, and if not, why?

Thanks for reading! 😊