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…What would you say if I said to you that this world that we live in, the world of technocracy, corrupted liberal “democracy”, a world lead by egocentric and greedy capitalists who impose their rules on the majority of “sheep” population of slaves and robots lead by consumerism and obsession with the material things in general, could be made much different, much better, more rightful?

This world needs changes, and it needs it very fast. In the last hundred years or more, after the industrial revolution has begun, we have seen two opposite sides of human civilisation, fast and furious scientific and industrial breakthrough at one side, and the total destruction of natural resources and human body, mind and spirit at the other.

To have an effective rule we, the 21st century society, need a new type of government, new type of legislation (if any), that could lead us all, rich and poor, to the new “Golden Age” of Humanity, Reason and Wisdom.

In my personal opinion, two different approaches are possible, rule of the people in the government type that is called Geniocracy (rule by the intelligent; a system of governance where creativity, innovation, intelligence and wisdom are required for those who wish to govern) or Noocracy (rule by the wise; a system of governance in which decision making is in the hands of philosophers. (advocated by Plato and Socrates); see more in the List of forms of government)), and/or rule of the combination of Social Democracy (variant of democracy; social democracy rejects the “either/or” phobiocratic/polarization interpretation of capitalism versus socialism. It claims that fostering a progressive evolution of capitalism will gradually result in the evolution of capitalist economy into socialist economy. Social democracy argues that all citizens should be legally entitled to certain social rights. These are made up of universal access to public services such as: education, health care, workers’ compensation, public transportation, and other services including child care and care for the elderly. Social democracy is connected with the trade union labour movement and supports collective bargaining rights for workers. Contemporary social democracy advocates freedom from discrimination based on differences of: ability/disability, age, ethnicity, sex, gender, language, race, religion, sexual orientation, and social class) and Social Anarchy.

Both these types are good, but I think that the best way is unite them both, taking into consideration the best of the two approaches, which would mean that the government should be chosen by the people and for the people, which means of the majority, in the special type of voting system that could be possible only for those people who would be educated in special schools how to vote properly (as advocated by Plato in his work The Republic; and which the modern society lacks today), and thus, as the result of that high quality voting, chose the best representatives that are admired by others not because they are rich and famous, but because they have a virtues of knowledge, high intelligence, creativity, discipline and above all, wisdom, which are the most important qualifications that are needed to rule the modern society.

These highly educated and wise individuals would rule the society in the form of Senate or Parliament, and should be changed according to rules, i.e. Constitution, for example, every year or six months, thus allowing other high class people to get their chance in changing the history of human kind.

Under or by these Senates, as the government of the wisest, should be lower governors and/or majors of the lower state divisions like regions, counties and cities, that should be chosen by the same voting system, people that should rule smaller divisions, and be directly responsible to the people of their divisions (for ex. cities) and the Senate of the State itself. They should be changed more frequently then those that are part of the Senate, like for ex. every two or three months, thus giving them enough time to create and enforce their creative projects that are of their own divion`s concern.

Together, members of the Senate, divisions majors and governors, along with the rest of the voting population, should have the part in creating all the rules in the future of this modern Neoanarchist Noocracy/Geniocracy Democratic Society.

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