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…It all happened on that dreadful Monday evening the 7th, 2019 A.D., in just a few minutes before the clock striked nine times, telling us all that it is time we have to go out, because the big city´s library is closing down.

And just in that particular moment I was still charging my smartphone. Trying to get out of the library area as fast as possible, I pulled out my phone from the electricity socket, when all of the sudden, it fell down on the floor while still connected to the source of electricity. The phone was not smashed, at least not the front cover, but the short circuit that happened in a “blink of an eye” probably damaged the inner chips and my phone was dead. Black screen with occasional blinking of the right part of the screen was all I could see. No more smartphone for me, the only thing that really kept me satisfied and sane here in Stockholm, in my two months quest to find the first job and accommodation in the capital of Sweden.

Now, without the job, money, place to live and my valuable smartphone (the value was not in money but in the time that I spent watching the movies and listening to the music on video channels like Youtube, reading things while online, playing games, learning new languages etc.). All those things that set my mind away from all the mysery that I suffered every day are now lost. After that incident, I was so angry on everything, and was seriously thinking of leaving this damn Viking town and country, leave it for good and never turn back again. What is the point of living on after all of this problems that happened to me in the last couple of months. Without the basic needs, there is no point of being alive. The comical part of this situation is that only few hours before of this tragical incident I got my membership card of city´s library, that I could use for borrowing books or using computers.

Late at night, few hours after the mentioned incident, I thought maybe it is better that way, at least now I could spend more times in reading books (real paper books, not digital ones, which I hadn´t done in many years) and less in wasting my time clicking on the touch screen of my smartphone. I figured out I still have my old smartphone, which is still good, even for using the Internet, but the battery is bad so now it is best only for watching the time and using the alarm clock.

With all of this problems on my mind, and concerning the technology gadgets that we all have today, I was thinking, again, how much this capitalist society is making us more slaves and idiots. In the previous example, you all now that modern technology can produce the best possible deviced today, like new phones, TV sets, computers and other devices, mechanical or digital, with such a precision and quality that can last for years, even decades.

Still, most of the products and services that we use today are of bad quality, even do most of them are still very expensive.

Most of you may wonder why is this so?

How come that we have to spend a few hundreds or even thousands of euros or dollars on new smartphone, iPhones, tablets or computers?

And they are still of very bad quality, easy to brake (just imagine what happens to smartphone, laptop or LCD TV when it falls to the ground, even when it falls from the small height).

Also, it doesn´t even matter if you buy a product from some of the “big” world companies that are famous for better quality products, because you are not really buying quality, but the brand which costs much more that the product itself. When you buy Microsoft Windows OS, or BMW car, or Apple iPhone, or Samsung TV, or Adidas shoes, or Milka chocolate, you are not really paying the big price for the product itself, but for the brand itself. You are buying it because of its name, not of the quality of its products.

In all of my life, especially when I was living and working in Croatia and Germany, I have seen a lot of times when I had to chose to buy or use two or more similar products of two or more different producers. What I found out is that even do most of the cheapest products are of very bad quality (hence this is why they are cheap), there are also some products that are pretty cheap, but of very good quality.

For example, when I was in Munich, Germany, first few months I was buying a couple of the most cheapest ear headphones, that cost me only one euro, but the quality was so bad that not only the sound was very quiet and with no good bass system, but they lasted in average no longer then a month. Then, a year later, with an advice of my good friend, I bought different ear headphones from another, better company, and they proved to be the best headphones that I had in my life, with long lasting (this that I still have now are older then eight months, and are still of the same quality as of the first day that I bought them), they produce very good sound with amazing bass system, and one of the best thing, even do they are wired, the wires don´t get tangled up, which happens a lot of times with different similar products).

USA`s Amazon or German´s Rossmann, which headphones are better, comparing their prices with the quality?

And you know how much they cost?

Only eight euros.

The other example is from my own country Croatia, when I figured out one day that the praline chocolates of the main manufacturer in the country are not so much better and tasteful then the ones that costs much less, and are made from other well-known Croatian manufacturer, but with much lower prices of their products.

And why should, as an another example, sport shoes of Adidas from Germany or Nike from USA cost much more then ASICS from Japan or Lotto from Italy?

nike asics
Nike or ASICS?

Real difference is not so much in quality (for most produced models), because most of them are produced in the so called third world countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand etc. (because everything is cheaper there for the companies like the salaries of the workers, taxes, building facilities, resources and all the other expenses), but in the name, or the brand that I mentioned earlier.

The brand, or the name of the product company is the one that sells its products, not the products themselves.

Of course, you could avoid buying this cheap products with lower quality if you order your product to be made from the best possible materials, made in the best factories, by best workers, with the best equipment and methods of work. But also, that means that the final product will have much higher selling price. This method of buying is used by the richest people in this world.

For most of us that are not so rich, we have only one choice, to try to find the products of the less known companies that are cheaper but with good quality (companies that have no big marketing campaigns, because they can not afford to spend to much money on marketing; this is especially true for the new companies, in IT industry known by the term start-ups).

Also, one of the things that have to be mentioned, is when you are trying to buy something good and valuable, you always have to consider the price/quality ratio.

What products or companies you know that are less famous, but produce their merchandise with very good quality and sell them with lower prices; and which products or companies you know that are the best known and posses a brand name, but which products are of bad or not so good quality? Write them down in the comment section bellow.

Thanks for reading,

Ianus Christius