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“A world without the sound would be like a forest without the trees, quite deserted and lonely place.”

…Can this really be the truth, that a world without the sounds would be such a desperate place, with no childrens´laughter in the soft breeze of the early spring, without the old people talking stories from their richful youth, without the people playing games in the dark (poetically speaking)?


But the world without the sounds would also be the world without the irritating noises of the cars passing by (just remember the Doppler effect), or the construction sites full of loud machines working day and night, world without the useless quarrels, and the most important, a world without a stress.

Construction worker removes excess concrete with drilling machin
Do you like the sound of these machines? @ Robert Gerrard

So, do we really need sounds in our lives, especially the irritating ones, or we just got used to them, so we don´t experience them any more as we did in the recent past, in the pre-industrial age?

Do we really need to talk to each other, to use the noise of the millions useless signs and symbols that we call words and numbers, just to express our distorted and often violent emotions against other people, or the nature in general?

How would a world without the sounds really look like, or better said, sound like?

In the last two years, when I left my homeland, and living in Austria, Germany and Sweden, I was a bit suprised knowing how much can foreign languages sometimes be so irritating when you hear other people using it, especially if they use the language so different from your own, language from the other language group (feeling that I got listening to Italians in Trieste, Bavarians in Munich region, and especially Swedish in Stockholm area). I don´t intend to insult language of the other people, but sometimes hearing that strange sounds and incomprehensible words can be quite stressful, especially if you are trying to concentrate on other, for you, more important things (like reading an interesting book).

So, I´m asking, how would it be if we could “talk” only through our minds, not using our mouths, tongues and throats that often produce such irritating sounds; using our minds just like in an old sci-fi movie?

Even today our children are becoming more and more mute, using their tech gadgets to express themselves and to communicate among each other. They use their smartphones and iPhones to send millions of messages, photos, Music videos, etc. through SMS, MMS, FB Messenger, Skype, Voice mails, Viber and WhatUp applications and other telecommunication services.

kids cellphones
The kids of today @ Mother Nature Network

They don´t really talk to each other, at least not like we, older pre-2000´s generations liked to talk and hang out, especially when we were going out somewhere, to the coffee shops, restaurants, sport matches, theatres, cinemas, disco halls.

So, could it be possible that a future generations will stop to communicate with each other and use their machines or even their minds to transfer their ideas and thoughts?

“…In the year 5555
Your arms are hanging limp at your sides
Your legs got nothing to do
Some machine’s doing that for you…”

( In The Year 2525 by Zager and Evans @ Genius)

Maybe we will finally make use of all those, today mostly underutilized scientific experiments from the fields of psychology (especially parapsychology) like telepathy, telekinesis, psychokinesis, precognition, clairvoyance, psychometry, and all the other extrasensory perception techniques, and make them standard and irreplaceable part of our future lives.

Imagine how would that look like if we could be silent and “speak” to each other only by using our “brain waves”.

Isn´t that already visible in most of the sci-fi movies that are showing alien “super-race” creatures that don´t talk like we do, but only use their “brain waves” to “talk” to each other and imply their instructions and commands to other “lower races” like us?

telepathy spock
“My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts”, Dr. Spock hypnosis, Star Trek series @ Star Trek

Among other things, there are also some other implications that would come of it, like abandoning our language systems and semantics, which would mean that there would no longer be needed to learn and speak hundreds of different foreign languages, no more problems with creating artifical universal languages like Esperanto, or thinking about what language should be used in an official international relations.

Why should we use English as a first international language (as we do today), or French as we did in the 17th-18th century, or Latin and Greek in the Old Ages. That has nothing to do with the importance or quality of some language, but with the political influence and domination of one culture against the others, one world against the others, one man against the other.

Does it not create even more problems and differences between people, more prejudices, more hatred, misunderstanding and war conflicts?

Don`t you know how much conflicts and wars could be avoided if we didn`t had so much misunderstandings in translating words and expressions from one language to another, and how many “heads had to fall” because of it (just remember what happened to the famous explorers James Cook on Hawaii or Ferdinand Magellan on the Philippines)?

Death of Ferdinand Magellan on the Philippines on 1521. @ Newegg

Languages of today are creating more problems than all the benefits that we get from them concerning the science of languages, or Linguistics, which are interesting only to some scientists that are studying the history of world`s cultures.

Do you remember the old story from the Bible’s Old Testament about the construction of the Tower of Babilon, when the God, unsatisfied with the people’s egoistic idea to build a tower that would touch the skies and thus be closer to God, mixed all the languages of the people who were constructing the famous building, and how they were confused, not able to talk and understand each other any more, which resulted with the fall of the famous Tower?

That Tower of Babilon is the world in which we live today.

Will it be destroyed one day, like it happened with the famous Babilon?

Or will we finally reach the new Golden Age, uniting people with one common language, deprived of any political, religious or scientific dogmas or indoctrinations, the Mental Science, true language of the mind and soul?