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…Could you imagine a world without the bank systems, trading unions, cash money, credit cards…; without any physical, digital or virtual currency whatsoever?

Probably not.

Or maybe you can, if your imagination is big enough to produce such a fantasy.

But is that outcome of the near future really, really possible?


The history has taught us that nothing is impossible, and no matter how crazy or foolish we think that some ideas are, the reality shows us quite the opposite.

The crazier the idea is, the better is the chance that one day it will become a reality.

Just think about the most crazy ideas that people tought about: flying through the air (balloons, airplanes, space ships), connecting people through great distances in a short time period (telegraph, telephone, Internet), exploring the other planets (artificial satelites, space ships), diving into deep oceans (submarines), circumnavigating the world (just remember the great explorers like Cristoforo Colombo, Fernão de Magalhães, Vasco da Gamma, James Cook etc.), buying all the possible products from all around the world in any season in any shop around the world (today you can eat bananas almost every day of the year, and buy them in almost any shop around the world), etc.

Wilbur and Orville Wright, U.S.A. pictured making the world's first hour-long flight by aeroplane at Fort Myer, Virginia, in 1907. They became the first to fly an heavier than air machine on 17th. December 1903. Orville Wright was born in 1871 and died in
Was This Flight Pure Madness And The Mission Impossible? (Brother´s Wright´First Flight, 1903. @ Time)  

So, how would it look like if we had no more currencies and banks to control the money flow, no more problems with paying big bank loans or getting “peanuts” from our bank account savings?

Few years ago, I was thinking about this, in a quite strange fashion (as I mostly do with new ideas in my life 😉 ), and I wondered would it be possible if we could remove the cash system from our lives and replace it with something much easier, more efficient and less corrupted?

In those times, I was doing some calculations of how much a man needs energy on the daily basis, i.e. how much food and water he must take to survive. How much total kilocalories (kcal), how much sugar, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, vegetable fibres, antioxidants etc.; in general all the things that are subjects of the biochemical and nutrition studies.

Have You Seen This Somewhere Before? @ Food Revolution

And then I said to myself, this is really all what we need to live, at least the basic things for our survival as a human living beings. All the energy that we need we get from the food we eat, water we drink and air we breathe.

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Whatever we do in our lives is connected with the amount of energy that we spend on the daily basis, we need the energy for walking, running, sitting or sleeping, for doing our jobs, taking our school homework, playing basketball with our friends, watching a movie or listening to some music, spending free time with our family…

Would it be possible if we could “restore” the energy levels that we used during a day of all the activities that we are dealing with, and use this as a some sort of payment for all the work that we have done?

To have some sort of energizing machine for replenishing all of our used energy, that would be like some sort of new bank that uses Energy Units (EU) instead of money (cash, digital or virtual).

For example, working at some job 8 hours per day we spent 1500 kcal of our body energy (which could be measured through special devices controlled by the strickt, direct and straightforward company and working syndicate union rules), the same amount of energy that we need to replenish later.

So, at the end of every working day, we restore our energy levels using other types of machines (where we get the energy in direct machine-to-body transfer: like in a Star Trek series; just remember an actress Jeri Ryan in a role of Seven-of-Nine Borg Working Unit), or we get exact amount of energy units (like a daily salary), that we can use to buy items (food, water, other things) in shops and other places. The same thing could be applied in a some sort of week´s or monthly salary.

borg seven of nine
Seven-Of-None Borg Drone Regenerating, Star Trek Series @ Addicted To Star Trek 

Concerning the type of job and the world of economy and marketing, every worker would get a special bonus for every job he/she does, for example, for every working day you get +10% on your daily salary (1500 kcal + 10% =  1650 kcal daily). Bonuses you can get also for the working experience, holiday “money” or the company awards; like it is done today, but with the real money.

Big difference would be that we would have no more bank systems, or any other controling system that would instruct us how much money can we get, and how much can we spend.

Even today we have payment systems that are working without bank accounts (prepaid debit cards) or any money transfer agents whatsoever (Bitcoin, etc.). But in the future, we could replace the money (as it no longer has it´s “real” physical value (currencies like US$ are no longer connected to the so called Gold Standard) to something that has real value that could be easily understood and related to real life problems.

Money Makes The World Go Round, Or Maybe Not? @ US Money Reserve

And at the end, we don´t really need the money (as it is an artificial object), just the energy, because all the existing physical universe is concerned with only two things; how much Energy is in circulation (transfered from one source to another, according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics) and Force, that makes all the change in the universe.