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“We, humans, are mortals, and as such we are just passers-by on this little planet
we call Earth. But what is immortal is our soul and our works that will remain behind us, even when our material bodies turn into dust and ashes.
(Ianus Christius)

…The world of spirits is quite an interesting place.

I could never imagine in my younger days, when I was still a chemistry student, that in later years I will be so much attracted to this spiritual world of esotery and occultism, the world of angels and demons, the world of parapsychology and the things that are very hard to explain to an inexperienced mind of the hard working natural scientist.

In the years of my greatest life turmoils, back in the 2010./11., I was “swallowing” book after book, and it didn´t matter so much to me what subject did I explored, was it the complex Theosophy studies of Madame Blavatsky, Alexander Crowley´s Occultism, Egyptian mythology, Jewish Kabala, Tao Te Ching or the wisdom of the Himalaya´s Buddhist monks.

One of the original pages of “Tao Te Ching” by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu; one of my favourite spiritual books (Aligning With Earth)

I just wanted to know everything that I could from this, for me the new and unexplored world of mysticism and the unknown, the world that was and still is quite a taboo in this modern society of egoistic materialism and consumerism, world that hiddes much more then it reveals to the eye of the beholder who is not prepared to see the things that are far beyond the imagination of its impatient observer.

Even do I didn´t understood many things which I have read, and I don´t understand it even today, I know that I have learned a lot of this world as well as of the world that is far beyond the world of our five human senses.

And I knew that one day, this world of spirituality and much deeper and important part of religion which is often associated with it, I will have to use it in some of my future works and ideas. I knew that informations, values and inspiration that it gives to this world of pain and torture will be of much greater importance than it seems at a first glance.

But, why am I writing about this now, in this third chapter of the education project “The Pillars of Wisdom” which will be, I hope, part of the much greater future “School of Creativity, Innovation and Self-Knowledge”, which I charmingly called “The KISS School”, by it´s Croatian initials (Kreativnost, Inovacija, SamoSpoznaja)?

Because in this part, we shall say something about how to give your work a higher importance and a value, after you had already finished examining the first two parts, and that was collecting and organising valuable data from the examples that I have written in the first part of this education project (The Pillars of Wisdom – The Knowledge (Modern Education Pilot Project)).

Preparing facts as a part of your research, and trying to create your new piece of work, you will need much more then simple informations, you will need experience, you will need inspiration, you will need “higher force” (if we can call it like that) to make your simple work a real and valuable, and above all unique masterpiece.

So, where and how can you get that inspiration and experience, that valuable and indispensable guidelines from the world beyond this one, from somewhere “above”?

The best way to approach this matter, at least as it was in my personal case (different people require different approaches), is to start reading valuable books that are concerned with the world of spirituality, religion and similar areas of interest. You can also watch some interesting and inspirational videos (documentaries or standard feature movies), to help you get some new ideas that you may require for the piece that you are working on.

Next good approach is to listen to some inspirational, mostly instrumental music (the ones that are used for the meditation, yoga, sport activities etc.), even do you can listen any music that “gets you high” or “low”, depending on what effect you want to achieve (and I´m not talking about taking drugs, alcohol or doing any psychodelic activity; the age of Hippies are gone, or at least they have been modified).

vivaldi amazon
The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi, one of my favourite classic music for relaxing and thinking (Amazon)

Just relax, sit or lie down on your favourite chair or couch, turn on your favourite music and just listen to it, every sound, every melody and rhythm, absorb the music in yourself, let it be your guide to the world of the spirit, the world on the “other side”.

If any interesting ideas come to your mind while relaxing and listening some music, write or sketch them down, so that you don´t forget it later (this method was used by many famous scientists and artists, no matter did they used the music or not, like for exp. famous American inventor and businessman Thomas Alva Edison).

The last thing, and probably the most inspiring that you can do, is to “go out”, in the open air, in the outdoors, to walk around (run, swim in the summer or ride a bicycle) and explore the wild nature in the forest, a mountain, lake or sea; or just walk around your city´s neighborhood and explore the streets, interesting buildings, parks and people. By the way, you can use that free time, take a camera with you and make some photographs or videos along the way. Maybe you can use that photos or video clips later as a part of your work project. Use whatever you can to get more inspired. There are no real limitations, except the ones imposed by the limitations of our physical bodies and our limited and not enough developed human mind.

And whatever you do in this part of the creative work project, make some fun and enjoy it. Playing games is not intended only for kids, but also, and even more so for the grown-ups (we need that even more than the kids, considering the stressful lives we live today).