…Philosophical and “spiritual” article about the real nature of the energy and all of its forms, as well as how these forms are interconnected in various entities throughout the universe. Even do the post is quite short, it makes you think about some important things and processes in our daily lives.

Excellent text for philosophical discussion!

Divine Expressions

Cosmos of the universe follows patterns. The patterns are formed with the energy. We are all part of this nature in collective form, we are all same since we are made up of same energy. The entire universe is inter-connected. A leaf is grown out of the energy of sun, water, earth, air and sky (the five element of nature) so we are, so how come are we different from the leaf? it is just that we are different patterns of the same energy. Every human being is a different and a unique pattern.

We neither die nor born only our pattern changes every time we exit from the body and these patterns are defined by our ‘karma”, the actions. Our habits, likings, disliking, desires are all different from the other person though the life force is same within us, it’s because the geometry of energy is different in each…

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