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…It was an early summer of 1856., when the gentle breeze of the nearby mountains of the Lika county, one of the largest mountainous regions in the southern part of Austro-Hungarian Empire, in present day Croatia, welcomed the birth of a man that will change the history of human civilisation, a man that will create the new future.

Future of the world where electrical power will illuminate the whole world, future that can bring the peace among the world´s nations, future that can free people from all of their existential problems.

This man was Nikola Tesla, a boy born in a large, five children family of Orthodox priest Milutin, his father, and Đuka Mandić, his beloved mother. This man from Smiljan, a small village few kilometers away from the city of Gospić, the center of Lika´s county, made his first steps into the unknown world of the electrical power.

Tesla and his Wireless Electricity experiments (SpeakCRO)

If there were no amazing scientists, entrepreneurs and daydreamers like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, Michael Faraday, Hans Christian Ørsted, Alessandro Volta, Heinrich Hertz, Benjamin Franklin and many others who were involed in the experiments with the electricity and magnetism, we would still live in a very “dark and cold place” we call our Mother Earth.

Even do natural electricity was known for many centuries, even millennias, since the dawn of time and the first human civilisations, it took a lot of centuries until the first inventors could understand and use this great, but at the same time very dangerous power of nature.

From the observations of the natural phenomena of the electrical storms and lightnings, using electrical fishes to cure early diseases of the nervous system, skin, bones or blood, or using amber in attracting electromagnetic objects, known from the age of Persians and Egyptians, ancient Greeks and Romans to Arabs; all to the solar panels, wind turbines and hydropower plants that we use today.

Don´t you know that even those new, so called alternative energy systems, like wind and water turbines were known for many centuries, in a form of the wind and water mills that was used to transform the energy of water and wind into mechanical work, mostly “to drive a mechanical process such as milling (grinding), rolling, or hammering. Such processes were needed in the production of many material goods, including flour, lumber, paper, textiles, and many metal products. These water- and windmills may comprise gristmills, sawmills, paper mills, textile mills, hammermills, trip hammering mills, rolling mills, wire drawing mills.” (EN Wikipedia)

Windmills in Netherlands (I Am Expat)

Today, in the world where human labour force is less and less needed, where (almost) every work is made with an assistance of the robotic machines and complex supercomputers, we are entering an age of nearly completely free energy sources, like it was predicted by the above mentioned pioneer of alternating current systems, Nikola Tesla.

In the near future, possibility to live a life in a free energy world would be almost like a dream, but reality of today says that that could be a real thing, considering a fact that most of the power sources that we are starting to use today are practically unlimited, like the solar power, or the power of wind and water.

All that electric power that we can get through the use of nature´s renewable sources is needed in production of food, clothes, buildings, transportation vehicles and facilities, water purification and desalination systems, just to name the few, as well as in the scientific experiments and art projects.

Big Solar Power Plant in Morocco (New China)

So, if we manage to create and maintain the systems that include these renewable, so called “alternative” energy resources to make almost free and widely available energy, we must remember one important thing:

All of our further scientific experiments and projects, as well as our daily lives should take into consideration not only the economical advances and the “race for more profit” (which is one of the reasons why we have so much problems in this with information and goods overloaded capitalist and consumerist world, where abundance is the key problem of the 21st century society), but even more all the environmental problems that can come out from exploiting the nature and its resources, as we had to this day.

We finally have to understand that only working WITH THE NATURE, and not against it, we can really progress as a human civilisation. Without this consideration, our civilisation will surely dissapear from the face of our “blue” planet.


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