…One the most interesting and unique “plant” poetry I have read in my life. At first I thought it will be something about horticulture system, but then I read this amazing poem, which made me think about some things in life…

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Potted Plants The Diversity and Beauty of Potted Plants.

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The name or title of the Potted Plant Society, and to a similar extent, the botanical varieties that the Society deals with, are somewhat unique in the sense that they are neither tied to a specific district, region, state or country, nor to a specific plant species, family or genus. In other words, the Potted Plant Society is not a specialist club; its specialty is in not having any overt specialty other than that which could be contained in a pot, planter or container. Seen from this perspective, we could reasonably conclude that the Potted Plant Society is by default an inclusive community, one that has encompassed or accommodated a great deal of plurality and diversity in resonating with contemporary gardening trends and horticultural practices, whilst being influenced and inspired by many people’s eclectic interests in plants and Nature.

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