(Cover Image & Source: Old Oak Tree @ Mirror World Publishing)

“Somewhere in the county of Myrtica, the capital of Lower Pannonia Province, Spring Festival, A.D. 2119.

A dense great oak forest, just by the mighty blue river, has hidden a green village that has developed from the old eco farms some fifthy years ago, now with the ten thousand inhabitants, living in a peaceful and picturesque landscape, ten miles from the capital that embraced the modern eco-culture of its predecessors and turned the whole region into a green zone of the whole lower Pannonia.

On the outskirts of the village there is a group of small biohouses located along the river, which supplies them not only with a fresh and clean water, but also with the necessary electricity generated from local hydroelectric power plants, located on the mighty blue river.

That fresh and clean water produces electric power that runs not only the electric and heating systems in this small group of eco farms, but also, gives power to many farmoids, small automatic machines that are working on the cleaning and production of the fruits and vegetables in the big recyclable hydroponds, as well as maintaining the big herds of all the local “wild” animals, that participate in giving milk, wool, eggs and other supplies neccesary for the everyday farm life.

And what do we see in here?

A little girl wandering around that big oak forest.

What is she doing here?

Is she alone?

Certainly not.

She is accompanied with her parents, relatives and friends.

But what are they all doing here, just a few hours before the sunset?

Well, this is a story about that big old oak tree, and the fruits that is produced by it, the mighty acorns. Yes, I know, they may not look so much to you, but trust me they are of the greatest importance not only to this village, but to the whole region. 

From this acorns, in the history known only as a food for the pigs (the old, so called domesticated animals bred for their meat and skin (I know, that were some other, unpleasant times)), now they serve as an important source in the production of the most important biomedicine of the 22nd century, Valoxidin, that you all probably heard about it in the previous CMP´s editions.

The main supplier of that high quality acorns is located right here, on the slopes of the great Slavonia´s mountains, in the Valoxia manufactury industries, where it produces and exports this important supplement to the biofood that we consume every day, helping us all to fight the diseases of our time.

So, next time when you see an acorn faling down from the old oak tree, don´t crush it down, but pick it up and learn how valuable that little seed is to all of us.  

You have watched another episode of the CMP´s TV serial “Life in the Nature”. Join us next time in some other interesting factopedias. Now, we shall continue with our regular TV program, and continue with the TV show “Masterpieces of the 21st century”.

…This is one of the possibility how the TV commercials could look like in the near future, deprived of brainwashing and stupid short ads that we have today (that irritate us all, coming in between of our beloved TV series or movies), that have only one purpose, to make us more stupid that we are, and to persuade us to buy something that we don´t really need.

In the future of the mankind, TV ads, like many other digital services, will have to educate people, inspire them and increase their imagination with the special programs that can help people realize in what world are they really living in.

*CMP – abbreviation for Creative Marketing Program