…I always liked unique and interesting things, and the thing that I started to like the most in the last few years are the works of art, no matter are they a part of literature, photography, music, movies, fine arts, crafts etc.

I wrote about exYugoslavia region artists in Kreativnost na djelu… blog section (posts in Croatian language)!

Today I found these interesting books infos on the Frank & Lisa´s Open Your Eyes Too! website, books that are talking about history of some less known and smaller U.S.´s cities in the Federal State of Florida, like Tampa and Clearwater, as well as some other American cities, so being a big lover of art, and supporter of new and mostly unknown artists, I decided to write something about them in this short blog post.

You can explore their books infos on their lovely web site on Open Your Eyes Too! or on the Amazon webpages!

I would recommend these books to all the American´s history lovers!