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…Hello, dear blog followers and all the other blog visitors, on this month of November 2019., I´m celebrating four years since I started this creative web project called Libertas Nova (The New Freedom)!

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In this year of 2019., when I was more active in publishing posts for all the world to read them (not only ex-Yugoslavia region, as it was before, when I wrote only in Croatian, my mother language), number of blog followers has increased from ca 130 to 430, and now I can announce that I had written more than 400 posts in total, and only in this year more than 100, which is a big number, at least for me personally!

statistika sve godine
There were visitors from more than 100 countries all over the world that at least once stopped by on Libertas Nova!

At first, I envisioned this blog as a group of different popular science, art and spirituality based posts and projects, and later it became much more, when I started to write about my own, mostly artistic works in a form of philosophical and spiritual stories and thoughts, art photographs, science models, adventure journeys, art competitions and quizzes, as well as the most recent social-anarchist ideas.

In general, this is a short chronology of how it all began:

March 2011.Starting my first, amateur style blog Anarchy4all @ Index´s Bloger 

February 2013.Starting my digital magazine, in a form of short magazine-like e-books (first time I use the name Libertas Nova, as I wanted for the e-zine to be the place for creating interesting futuristic ideas) @ Smashwords (you can read about it on this link Libertas Nova; text written in Croatian language)

November 2015.Creating Facebook webpage called Libertas Nova, after the previous Smashwords´e-zine; where I started to write more popular science, art and spirituality based posts

November 2016.With the intention of making better transparency of FB´s posts, I decided to move and organize the existing posts from Facebook webpage to WordPress platform; where they are still located

At the end of this short announcement, I thank you all for following me and reading my posts!

I wish you all the best in the forthcoming Christmas and other holidays! 🙂